Let it begin….



Yesterday we kicked off our Believe Fundraiser (Cookie Dough & Gifts Catalog) and the kids are very excited to help raise funds for the End of Year Field Day.  We had a fun time setting up the individule prizes unique to Briggs… for example if your child sends 10 emails or gets just 1 order they are given a chocolate bar with the possibility of a Golden Ticket worth cash and prizes along with the chance to face off with Mr. Hill or Mr. Weill in the Belly Bump Off!

As parents you may be supporting your student through our fundraiser so here is what you need to know….

-Gift orders can be submitted online at www.shopbelieve.com 

-Collect money at time of ordering.

-Checks payable to : Briggs Middle School

-Return the top 2 copies of the order form with the money to the front office at BMS.

-If you have any questions contact Christina Parker in the front office.  541-744-6350

-All orders are due October 17th.

We have instructed all students to only offer this fundraiser to adults they know.  Thank you for supporting your student and Briggs Middle School!

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