Fall Fundraiser Kickoff FRIDAY


Dear Parents,

Tomorrow we kick off our Fall Fundraiser with Believe Kids during our assembly and we are really excited for this year’s prizes.  Please ask your student about the packet they received. In the packet you will find the product catalog, order forms, prize sheet, and email coupons.  If you have questions please don’t hesitate to call Christina Parker in the front office.  541-744-6350

Email 10 Family/Friends or Sell 1 item: Entered to play “Beat the Boss” at lunch & Play Giant Pixie Stick Pull
***10 Email/ 1 order coupons: Coupons are to be signed by a parent to confirm that the student sent 10 emails or sold one item.***

Sell 5 Mystery Student and a chance to win Bluetooth Earbuds
Sell 10 Kona Ice AND Make Mr. Weill into Cowabunga KONA!
Sell 20 Jackpot scratch off ticket
Sell 25 Game Truck WITH a Friend
Sell 40 Spin the Wheel
Sell 50 Rolling in the Dough!

Important Dates:

Kick-Off Assembly: Friday, October 5th
All orders due to front office: October 18th :
Delivery in the Commons of all orders: November 27th
(Last 30 minutes of the school day)


Prize Day: November 16th (Building Directed ER)


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