Announcement for 12/06


Briggs Middle School Announcements: Thursday, December 6, 2018
Briggs School Wide PBS Expectations: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe & Be Kind!!

WEB Lunch today – no group tables- WEB Leaders will just be enjoying lunch and activities with the 6th graders today.

Our Briggs Community Food and Gift Drive is going well!
However, we have collected no money – YET
Money goes to gift cards for items like milk, eggs,…
So, tomorrow (Friday 12/7) there will be Special double points for each dollar brought in!!
$1 will equal 4 points instead of 2 points! Keep the donations- coming!

Top 3 Classes as of 12/5/18

Sperry:          322 points

Steinbaugh:  300 points

Scruggs:         161 points


Appreciating these classes! and everyone who has contributed so far

Remember Double points for money tomorrow!

If we ALL Give a Little, it becomes A LOT!

Tomorrow is the Briggs Library Book Fair at Barnes & Noble! Be sure to come on by and hear the wonderful music played by YOUR band and orchestra and pick up a few things for yourself or others as the holidays approach! Your Briggs library receives a portion of the proceeds which turn into new books for YOU to check out! Thank you for supporting reading – see you at the book fair!

Attention Briggs 1 Restoration Team: Your next field trip is on Monday. Please bring very warm clothes, and don’t forget lunch and a water bottle. Meet Stephanie in the library at 815am.

Yumm!  Italian sodas will be sold during Thursday lunches, including today!

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