Attention 8th Gr. Parents

Save the date


We are releasing tickets for the 8th Gr. Moving On Ceremony starting TOMORROW!  

Parents can pick up 3 tickets (3 per student) in the office on Wednesday, May 29th.  Office hours are 7:45am to 3:45pm.  The office will start adding additional ticket requests to the waiting list starting tomorrow also.  You can add your ticket requests to the waiting list by phone or in person.

Why only 3 tickets?
This is due to the amount of people our gym can hold responsibly while giving each student the opportunity to have family or friends present.  We ask that you coordinate with family members how many total tickets are wanted and place your request on the waiting list as soon as possible.

Can my student pick up our tickets?
Parents can call into the office and give authorization to our office staff requesting student pickup.  Parents can indicate they are giving permission for student pickup for both the initial 3 tickets and any waiting list ticket release.
Please note:  No lost tickets will be replaced.  

If you have further questions please call Briggs’s front office at 541-744-6350

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