Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Each year many questions arise whether an absence or tardy is recorded excused or unexcused. The following information should help clarify this matter.

The Administration at Briggs will determine what is excused or unexcused based on the following excerpts from Oregon Revised Statutes:

ORS 339-020 Duty to send children to school. Excerpt as provided in ORS 339-030, every person having control of any child between the ages of 7 and 18 years who has not completed the 12th grade is required to send such child to and maintain such child in regular attendance at a public full-time school during the entire school term.

ORS 339-065 Eight unexcused one-half days in any four week period during which the school is in session shall be considered irregular attendance. An absence may be excused by a principal…if the absence is caused by the pupil’s sickness, by the sickness of some member of the family or by an emergency. A principal…may also excuse absence for other reasons where satisfactory arrangements are made in advance.

It is extremely important for parents to have students at school on time. If an absence is unexcused, your student will be subject to the consequences of our discipline policies.

Tardy Policy:

Students who have difficulty being on time and prepared for class within one quarter will have a series of progressive consequences.

1st Tardy – Warning
2nd Tardy – Phone Call Home
3rd Tardy – Level II Referral, Lunch Detention
4th Tardy – Level II Referral, Two Lunch Detentions
5th Tardy – Level III Referral, After School Detention

Excused Absences/Tardies:

Personal illness
Medical/dental appointment
Family emergency
Prearranged out of town

Unexcused Absences/Tardies:

No contact from parent or guardian
Notes/calls that do not specify a reason for absence/tardy
Notes/calls from students
Notes without specific date(s) to be excused
Parent running late
Skipping school or classes
Suspension from school
Missing the bus
Hair appointments

Please notify the Briggs office each day your student will be absent or tardy by calling the Attendance Hotline at 744-6353, by accompanying your child into school, or by a written note with the pertinent information. Be sure your child checks in and out through the office. It is critical that you contact the office and teachers in advance if you are going out of town.