Behavior Policies


Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Reward Celebration
PBIS End-of-Year Parent Letter for ALL year end field trips



Level I: Incidents of not meeting classroom and school expectations (minor rule violations) that will result in an immediate instructionally based staff response. Documentation occurs by the staff member for their records. Optional – send top two copies to the TAB Room.


Talk-outs – Put downs – Off-task – Disruptive transition
Lack of focus – Noise making – Hands/Feet/Objects not to self
Unexcused tardy – Inappropriate comments – Note passing
Initially refusing directions – Unprepared – Low level disrespect
Inappropriate computer use – Littering – Gum chewing – Dress code


Remind, redirect, reinforce – Verbal Correction – Small time-out
May apply small consequence: loss of privilege, letter of explanation or plan of change, classroom clean-up, 5 minute lunch detention in room
Teach appropriate behavior and student will demonstrate

Level II: repeated level one behaviors that are of a greater intensity, frequency, intent, or result but are not yet at the level of serious misconduct. Documentation results in a Level II disciplinary action form and a phone call will be made home to a parent/guardian by the issuing staff member.


Repeated level one behaviors as listed above that requires formal documentation (behavior citation) and a phone call home by team member
Disrespect toward adults – Teasing – Classroom disruption
Verbal or Physical provocation – Directed profanity
Uncooperative behavior – Plagiarism/cheating


Remind, redirect, reinforce – Call home – Time-out
Detention room – Classroom clean-up – Loss of privilege
Complete Student problem solving sheet
Consult with/involve support team (SST, Counselor, Administrator)
Teacher exchanges
Phone conference with teacher, parent and student
Lunch or after school Detention – Level II consequence served within 24 hours of issue

Office Referral – Level III: Serious misconduct and behaviors that endanger the safety or well being of students and/or staff or behaviors that result in the sustained disruption of normal classroom and school function. These behaviors can also result in immediate suspension but may also be corrected with a variety of consequences. Students who engage in Level III behaviors will be referred to the administration for immediate corrective action. The administrator will issue appropriate consequences, notify parents, and facilitate corrective action designed to help improve the student’s behavior.


Repeated Level II behaviors and attempts to correct with parent notification
Fighting – Defiance – Harassment- Bullying – Theft
Refusal – Unsafe activities – Obscenities
Not complying with a consequence given for a Level II behavior


Remind, redirect, reinforce (in non-emergencies)
Send student(s) to office (if necessary to gain control)
Action by administration (apply Briggs Planner consequences)
Parent contact by administrator and teacher
In school or out of school suspension
Community Service
Summary of Behavior Guideline Process:

Step 1 – Level I – Classroom teacher or Support Staff
Step 2 – Level II – Team discussion, action and parent call by iIssuing staff member
Step 3 – Level III – After level one and two have been attempted.