Briggs Dress Code

Briggs Middle School Dress Code

Students MAY wear:

Comfortable clothes which allow them to focus their attention on learning and school activities.

Students MAY NOT wear:

Hats of any kind while at school.
Tank tops with straps less than one inch wide.
Tops that allow the skin to be exposed.
Fish net or mesh tops.
Clothing which exposes underwear such as boxer shorts, bras, and/or bra straps.
Excessively short or tight skirts or shorts, or dresses without leggings.
Pajamas or slippers.
Bandannas or chains of any kind.
Studded jewelry.
Clothing, jewelry, belt buckles and school supplies MAY NOT depict:

Profane or obscene language, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, and/or unlawful behavior.
Words, sayings, or characters that are exploitative or demeaning to males or females.
Racial and/or religious put-downs.
Consequences for students who choose to dress inappropriately:

Student will be sent to the office and will be given appropriate clothing to wear.
Should students choose not to wear the appropriate clothing, a parent will be called to pick them up.