Parking Lot Safety and Courtesy

Parking Lot Safety and Courtesy

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At 23rd and Yolanda, Please Remember – Stop and wait for oncoming traffic

Multiple accidents and near misses have been reported at the intersection of Yolanda
and 23rd Street, near the entrance of Briggs. Please remember that
eastbound oncoming traffic does not stop.  

Remember, do not use the bus lane.

 We all know that it can get crazy out in the parking lot before and after school.   Here are a few tips to help make it safe for both students and drivers.


Bus Lane Safety Rule
Do not use the bus lane for dropping off or picking up students. New yellow lines have been painted to remind drivers of the bus lane safety rule.

Do not block the bus lane. Busses have had problems picking up and dropping off students because cars are blocking the lane entrance. Blocking the entrance creates traffic problems all around the school.


General Parking Lot Safety
– Keep an eye out for students as you drive through the parking lot.
– Check behind you thoroughly before backing up.
-Keep cell phone use to a minimum to remain alert. ORS 811.507 requires use of a hands- free device while driving, including driving in parking lots. Texting is prohibited while driving in the parking lot.

Morning Parking Lot Safety
Enter the west end of the parking lot and use the right side for getting in line to drop off your student. Use the left side to find a parking spot further on in the parking lot if you’ll be doing more than dropping off your student. Do not block the bus lane.minivan

Afternoon Parking Lot Safety
Again, enter the west end of the parking lot and use the right side for getting in line to pick up. The pick up lane starts at the speed bump closest to the crosswalk. Please do not block the handicapped parking spaces. The left side is for driving through the parking lot. Please do not stop to drop off or pick up a student in the left lane, also called the “exit lane”.

If the right lane is backed up to the entrance, continue on the left side through the parking lot to a parking spot at the east end. Do not block the bus entrance.

Parking Lot Courtesy
South facing parking spaces in the in the afternoon may be blocked by the pick up lane until the lane is able to move and provide an opening. Please be aware of this and use a different area of the lot if you need to leave right away. Please be aware of drivers exiting parking spaces from the east end of the lot or the north facing spaces. If you have blocked someone, please leave room to allow them out of the spot when needed. Please allow drivers exiting the pick up lane space to merge into the exit lane as needed.