Furlough Fridays

Please note that Friday, May 22, will be a furlough day. There will not be morning meetings or afternoon office hours. Students are welcome, and encouraged, to work on the activities in the Supplemental and Nutrition and Wellness categories on their Learning Grids.
Also, Monday is Memorial Day so we will see our Blue Jays back on Tuesday, the 26th!
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Magnificent Monday!

Good morning, Centennial Blue Jays! It’s a magnificent Monday! Hope you had a good weekend and are ready for another great week of learning. Our character trait this week is: Compassion. This means that we are aware when others are suffering, and we try to help them. Remember to keep on being kind, Blue Jays!

We miss seeing you and we’re so glad to see that you’re working hard and taking care of yourselves and others. Principal Williams

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Important Resources for Families

The state of Oregon will be providing students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch cash benefits to replace the meals they would have gotten at school. Funds will be automatically deposited into their accounts, whether or not families have taken advantage of the free breakfast and lunch available at school each day.

If you didn’t qualify before, but do now, there is still time to apply. You can apply online quickly here, or call us at school for more information. Remember, children may qualify for free or reduced-price meals if total household income is at or below the amount of Federal Income Guidelines. Children in households receiving Food Stamps or TANF and most foster children can receive free meals regardless of household income. Households receiving WIC, Oregon Health Plan or other governmental assistance may qualify.

Read more on the district website. / Lea más en el sitio web del distrito

Oregon proporcionará a los estudiantes que son elegibles para recibir beneficios en efectivo gratuitos o reducidos para el almuerzo para reemplazar las comidas que habrían recibido en la escuela.

Los fondos se depositarán automáticamente en sus cuentas, ya sea que las familias hayan aprovechado o no el desayuno y el almuerzo gratuitos disponibles en la escuela todos los días. 

Si no calificó antes, pero lo hace ahora, todavía hay tiempo para solicitarlo.

Puede aplicar en línea rápidamente aquí, o llamarnos a la escuela para obtener más información.

Recuerde, los niños pueden calificar para recibir comidas gratis o a precio reducido si el ingreso total del hogar es igual o inferior al monto de las Guia Federales de Ingresos. Los niños en hogares que reciben Cupones para Alimentos o TANF y la mayoría de los niños de crianza pueden recibir comidas gratis independientemente de los ingresos del hogar. Los hogares que reciben WIC, Oregon Health Plan u otra asistencia gubernamental pueden calificar.


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Marvelous Monday!

Good morning, Centennial Blue Jays! It’s a marvelous Monday and we’re starting another week of learning! Our character trait for this week is: Confidence. This means that
you believe in your own abilities. You know you can succeed! Your teachers and I know that when you work hard and practice, you can succeed. Have a great week Blue Jays!
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Centennial Staff Caravan/ ¡Viniendo a un vecindario cerca de ti!

CES_Caravan_Map_revisedComing to a neighborhood near you! Our staff would love to see your smiling faces. Please join us on Thursday, May 7, to greet our staff caravan. We can’t go past every house, but we shouldn’t be too far away. Please come out on your sidewalk or lawn and give us a wave – using proper social distancing, of course! We will be ending up at the former Goshen School in the hope that our far-flung families might meet us there. We should hit the south loop around 3:50, and we should be in Goshen by 4:20-4:30.

Download map here.     Download street-by-street route here.

A nuestro personal le encantaría ver sus caras sonrientes. Únase a nosotros el jueves 7 de mayo para saludar a nuestra caravana de personal. No podemos pasar por todas las casas, pero no deberíamos estar muy lejos. Por favor salga a la banqueta o el pasto y nos saluda con una onda de mano, ¡Utilizando el distanciamiento social adecuado, por supuesto! Terminaremos en la antigua escuela de Goshen con la esperanza de que nuestras familias remotas puedan encontrarse con nosotros allí. Deberíamos llegar al bucle sur alrededor de las 3:50, y deberíamos estar en Goshen a las 4:20-4:30.

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