Open House Fun

Centennial will have its annual open house event on Wednesday, Sept. 21st. The event will be from 6:00-7:30pm. Please come join your student(s) as they get the chance to show you around their classroom and see all that they are learning. You will also get the chance to meet our wonderful PTA members and see what they have planned for our school year and learn about their fundraising goals for this year. There is a Papa’s Pizza Fundraiser through the PTA on the same night so that would be a great opportunity to kick off the school year, get involved and eat some delicious pizza.


Centennial Elementary 2016-2017 Student Supply List


PLEASE DO NOT LABEL ANY KINDERGARTEN SUPPLIES as these will be shared among all students, thank you. *Brand names suggested in bold due to quality and durability. Thank you for understanding.

1 set 8 count watercolors

1 pair Kid scissors

12 pack #2 Ticonderoga pencils

2 packs of 24 Crayola crayons

1 each 8 oz. Elmer’s glue

4 each Glue sticks

8 or 10 pack Wide tip markers

12 pack Crayola colored pencils

6 each Expo dry erase markers (blue or black)

1 box Tissues

1 bottle Hand sanitizer

1 box (Boys): Quart size Ziplock bags

1 box (Girls): Sandwich size Ziplock bags

1 pack Baby wipes

1 Backpack (please label with your child’s name)



1 each Large backpack (please write name on backpack)

1 pack of 24 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga only)

2 packs of 24 Crayola crayons

1 pack Crayola Classic markers wide tip

1 pack Crayola Classic markers thin tip

2 each Large boxes of tissue

1 each White Glue – 4 oz (Elmers “Glue All” if possible)

4 each Glue sticks .74 oz or larger

1 each Scissors (Fiskars)

12 pack Crayola colored pencils

1 set 8 count Watercolor paints

2 each Spiral notebooks (wide rule)

6 each Dry erase markers (Expo ONLY) skinny or fat

1 each Pencil box (no oversized boxes)

4 each Plain paper 2-pocket folders. Solid color. No plastic please.

1 each Pencil Sharpener for desk (must collect shavings)

1 pack Baby wipes

Please, NO 3 ring binders

3rd Grade:

24 pack #2 pencils

12 pack Colored Pencils

24 pack Crayons

1 each Pink Pearl eraser

2 each Large boxes of tissue

1 each 8 oz white glue

1 each Glue stick

1 pack Notebook paper (wide ruled)

2 each Spiral notebooks (wide ruled)

1 each Scissors

1 each Pencil box/pouch for supplies

1 pack(optional) Felt tip markers

3 each Plain 2 Pocket Folders – 3 prong

1 each Hand pencil sharpener for desk (Must collect shavings.)

6 each EXPO skinny dry erase markers (blue or black)

1 box pencil top erasers

1 pack baby wipes/wet wipes

1 each sturdy pocket folder for homework

1 each yellow highlighter (optional)

1 each hand sanitizer (optional)

Please, NO 3 ring binders

4th Grade:

48 each #2 Pencils (Ticonderoga)

2 pack 12 pack Colored Pencils (Crayola)

1 pack 10 pack Crayola markers (fine tip)

1 Box Box of tissue

6 each Glue sticks

1 bottle White glue

1 each 12 inch ruler with cm (sturdy, not flexible)

1 each Yellow highlighter

1 pair Scissors

2 each Pink pearl erasers

1 Box Pencil cap erasers

3 each pocket folders

3 each Spiral notebooks (wide rule)

3 each Composition books

1 pack 3×5 white lined index cards

2 pack Lined notebook paper (wide ruled)

1 bottle Hand sanitizer

1 package Baby wipes

6 each Expo fine tip dry erase markers (blue or black)

5th Grade:

48 #2 Pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)

2 – 12 pack Crayola Colored Pencils

2 each Large boxes of tissue

3 each Glue sticks

1 each Bottle of glue

1 each 12” ruler with cm (not flexible)

1 each Yellow Highlighter

1 each Scissors

1 each Eraser (large)

3 each Pocket Folders

2 each Spiral Notebooks (wide rule)

1 pack of 8 Fine tip Crayola markers

3 each Composition books

1 bottle hand sanitizer

1 box baby wipes

6 each EXPO dry erase fine tip markers (blue or black)

1 each Pencil Pouch/Box

Optional: 1 personal USB flash drive



20160505_085802_HDROur wonderful principal Mr. Sterling graciously got dressed up this morning by our PTA to celebrate the huge success of the Reading Olympics! The total school minuets read for this fundraiser came to 118,555 which translates to 1,967 hours!! Our amazing students and families raised over $6,200 for our school as well!! Congratulations Centennial Blue Jays!!!


Head Lice Information for Parents

If you have a concern about your child getting head lice or would like more information about what it looks like and how to prevent it please take a moment to read our brief article about Head lice prevention.



School Transfer Information

Have you recently moved or are planning to move in the near future? If you will no longer be in your child’s current school district or wish to change schools please refer to the districts current transfer information here : medianotice2016-transfers. If you have any further questions about this information please contact either your school secretary or the Springfield School District. Thank You!


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