Kindergarten Welcome Event on March 10

KINDER post card 2020

Do you or someone you know have a student who will turn 5 on or before Sept. 1 and will be entering kindergarten next fall? If so we invite you to come learn all about kindergarten at Centennial Elementary!

  • Our three fantastic kinder teachers will be on hand to give you an idea of what to look forward to.
  • You’ll be able to chat with representatives from our amazing partner organizations, including our fabulous PTO; Willamalane, which provides before- and after-school care; the Springfield Library; and more!
  • You’ll receive a “Welcome to Centennial” packet with free books and suggestions for how to prepare your kiddo for school.
  • You can “pre-register” with us to make sure you are on the list to receive important news and information over the summer.
  • Childcare and snacks will be available, as well as interpreters for our Spanish-speaking families.
  • Please note, if you don’t live within our boundaries, but wish to transfer to our school, you’ll have through the end of March to file for a transfer application.

When you register in the fall, you’ll need your kiddo’s birth certificate, immunization status and proof of address. On orientation night, you can file an “intent to register” form, which puts you on our mailing list for important news and updates, and we’ll take any paperwork you have available.

Please note that this does NOT mean that you are registered for the fall. You will need to contact us to confirm registration and bring any remaining paperwork to us in August in order to finish the registration process.

We look forward to meeting our newest Blue Jays and their families this spring and being available to answer any questions you have.

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Family Swim Day Jan. 25!

FamilySwimFamilySwim - SP

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Official OBOB Battles Start Monday!

Best of luck to our eight fantastic OBOB teams – Book Birds, Reading Wizards, Book-a-Boos, Wishing Three, Book Brigade, Book Shredders, Book Brawlers and Dog Ears – as our double-elimination tournament is set to begin on Monday, Jan. 27. Battles will continue on Feb. 3, with the school champions to be determined on Friday, Feb. 7, during an all-school assembly. The winning team gets to go on to the regional tournament on Saturday, March 14.

All battles (except the final) will be held in the library. Parents and other spectators are welcome to come and watch.  The bracket is a double elimination competition, which means after one loss, teams have an opportunity to play again in the “second-chance bracket.”  If teams end up in the second-chance bracket but keep winning their future battles, they still have a chance to compete in the championship battle.

There will be a large bracket sheet hanging outside the library to keep track of how teams are progressing.

Please remind your students to keep reading!  There is still time to read and study the books, especially to memorize the  authors and book titles. All OBOB student participants will be invited to a celebration ice cream party held in the library directly following the all-school final battle assembly on Feb.7.

Remember, all these kids are winners because of the hard work they did reading the books!

You can learn more about the Oregon Battle of the Books, including this year’s book list, at Keep those kids healthy! You can download the bracket chart here.


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District Wide TAG (Talented and Gifted) Testing

On Saturday, February 22, 2020, Springfield Public Schools will hold their district wide Talented and Gifted Testing at Ridgeview Elementary School.

The TAG test assesses whether or not your child is at the 97%ile or above in the areas of Reading, Math, or Intellectual giftedness. The 97%ile means that if your child was in a line of 100 students, they would know more than the first 97 students in line. These children are at the top of their class, and typically above most students at their entire grade level at school.

Students must be referred for screening by February 7, 2020. After you refer them for screening (by talking with their teacher), the teacher will pull all of the data for the screening and be in contact with you about whether or not your child would qualify to test. If your child qualifies for testing, you will receive a packet from your school with a parent questionnaire and more information about times of testing for your individual child.

If your child is already qualified as TAG, and you feel that your child may need to be accelerated a grade level, you would also speak to your child’s teacher and the TAG contact to refer your child for acceleration by February 7, 2020.

The testing for acceleration will take place Saturday, February 22, 2020, for the above grade level test in Reading, Math, Writing, Science, Reference & Research and/or Social Studies. After testing, we will meet as a team with your school to discuss the next steps and fill out the Iowa Acceleration Scale.

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New Bus Pass Program


The district has started rolling out its new bus pass program. Starting next week, all bus riders will need to have a bus pass to take the bus. Students will scan their ZPass badge upon entering the bus, giving the district real-time information about studenScreen Shot 2020-01-09 at 1.06.56 PMts who are riding the buses. Students have been given lanyards and straps for their backpacks to help make sure they remember their passes.

Get the app: Parents can also download an app that can provide notifications when students get on or off the bus. Registration information is on the district website; keep in mind that you’ll need to register on an actual computer before downloading the app to your phone. You can find answers to frequently asked questions here, including what to do if the pass is lost or forgotten.

Families who wish to opt out of electronic tracking can complete the Bus Pass Electronic Tracking Opt Out FormThis form can be returned to the school or emailed to

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