Battle of the Books Tournament

The practice rounds are complete and the official tournament will now begin.

All battles will be held in the library and parents and other spectators are welcome to come and watch.  The bracket is a double elimination competition, which means after one loss, teams have an opportunity to play again in the “second-chance bracket”.  If teams end up in the second chance bracket but keep winning their future battles, they still have a chance to compete in the championship battle.

There will be a large bracket sheet hanging outside the library to keep track of how teams are progressing.

Please remind your students to keep reading!  There is still time to read and study the books, especially to memorize the  authors and book titles. All OBOB student participants will be invited to a celebration ice cream party held in room 1 directly following the all-school assembly final battle on Feb. 22nd.

Remember, all these kids are winners because of the hard work they did reading the books!


Game 1 Mon, Jan 28; 9:00 am Game 8 Fri, Feb. 8; 10:45 am
Game 2 Mon, Jan 28; 9:25 am Game 9** Fri, Feb. 8; 11:15 am
Game 3 Mon, Jan 28; 2:15 pm Game 10** Fri, Feb. 8; 12:45 pm
Game 4 Mon, Feb. 4; 2:15 pm Game 11 Fri, Feb. 8; 1:10 pm
Game 5** Fri, Feb. 8; 9:00 am Game 12** Fri. Feb. 8; 1:30 pm
Game 6** Fri, Feb. 8; 9:30 am Game 13** Fri, Feb. 8; 2:00 pm
Game 7 Fri, Feb. 8; 10:15 am Game 14(Championship Assembly) Fri, Feb. 22 ; Time TBD

** = Game is in second chance bracket


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