New Bus Pass Program


The district has started rolling out its new bus pass program. Starting next week, all bus riders will need to have a bus pass to take the bus. Students will scan their ZPass badge upon entering the bus, giving the district real-time information about studenScreen Shot 2020-01-09 at 1.06.56 PMts who are riding the buses. Students have been given lanyards and straps for their backpacks to help make sure they remember their passes.

Get the app: Parents can also download an app that can provide notifications when students get on or off the bus. Registration information is on the district website; keep in mind that you’ll need to register on an actual computer before downloading the app to your phone. You can find answers to frequently asked questions here, including what to do if the pass is lost or forgotten.

Families who wish to opt out of electronic tracking can complete the Bus Pass Electronic Tracking Opt Out FormThis form can be returned to the school or emailed to


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