20171208_092717Just a friendly reminder that Centennial has an overflowing amount of lost coats that will be donated next Friday, Dec. 15th. If you think your child may be missing a coat or two, please come look through the large clear bags that are located right outside room 1 in the first hallway. Thank you for your understanding.


KAB Recycle Bowl Competition

Centennial’s final weight totals for the national KAB Recycle Bowl Competition held Oct. 16th – Nov. 15th:
Recycle = 1,114.0 lbs.  (2.68 lbs. per capita*)
Trash = 1,875.4 lbs.  (4.51 lbs. per capita*)
Compost = 3,527.5 lbs.  (8.48 lbs. per capita*)
*per capita = student enrollment + full-time certified teachers.  (Thank you Linda)
71.2% of all our school’s discards by weight is NOT going to the landfill!  Great job Bluejays!
In addition to the recycling category, Centennial is competing in two additional categories of Waste Reduction & Food Scrap Collection.  Unfortunately, we won’t know the results until February/March.
The break-down of daily amounts are posted on the Green Team board in the hallway near the Staff Break Rm.  Participating in a measured activity such as this, can be insightful & provide an opportunity to notice/improve on our activities.



‘Made By Milk’ Carton Construction Contest

Erin Hirte with Oregon Dairy & Nutrition Council informed me today that Centennial Green Team won an ‘Oregon Only’ prize that was offered separately from the ‘Made By Milk’ Carton Construction Contest.  We received a $200 credit toward items in a ‘Fuel Up 2 Play 60’ catalog.  Among selections made, there are (15) pedometers for PE/Classes to use.

‘Made By Milk’ Carton Construction Contest and online voting for the $2,500 People’s Choice prize
Wed., November 29th – Fri., December 8th – Online voting opens to determine the People’s Choice winner.
While each computer/device is limited to 1 vote per day, votes can be cast anew each day on the same computer/device during the online voting period.


Is your student missing a coat or two?

Is your child(ren) missing their coat? We just might have it here in room 1! Since the start of school in September, students have misplaced two large bags full of coats, sweatshirts, vests and more here at school. Any items with names in them have been returned to the student. We strongly encourage families to put names in their coats. If you believe that we may have a missing item that belongs to you, please come to room 1 any day to claim it. Any items left at school by Dec. 15th, the start of winter break, will be donated to a local organization such as St. Vincent de Paul or Goodwill. Thank you for your understanding.

¿Su hijo (a) falta su abrigo? ¡Podríamos tenerlo aquí en la habitación 1! Desde el comienzo de la escuela en septiembre, los estudiantes han perdido dos bolsas grandes llenas de abrigos, sudaderas, chalecos y más aquí en la escuela. Todos los artículos con nombres en ellos han sido devueltos al estudiante. Alentamos firmemente a las familias a poner nombres en sus abrigos. Si cree que podemos tener un artículo faltante que le pertenece, venga a la habitación 1 todos los días para reclamarlo. Cualquier artículo que se deje en la escuela antes del 15 de diciembre, el inicio de las vacaciones de invierno, será donado a una organización local como St. Vincent de Paul o Goodwill. Gracias por su comprensión.


Jog-A-Thon money due by Mon. Nov. 6th, 2017

Just a friendly reminder to have your student(s) turn in their Jog-A-Thon envelopes by Monday, Nov. 6th to their teacher(s) or front office. The shirt order will be placed then and no late shirt orders will be accepted by the company. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting our school with your donations.


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