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Battle of the Books Tournament

The practice rounds are complete and the official tournament will now begin.

All battles will be held in the library and parents and other spectators are welcome to come and watch.  The bracket is a double elimination competition, which means after one loss, teams have an opportunity to play again in the “second-chance bracket”.  If teams end up in the second chance bracket but keep winning their future battles, they still have a chance to compete in the championship battle.

There will be a large bracket sheet hanging outside the library to keep track of how teams are progressing.

Please remind your students to keep reading!  There is still time to read and study the books, especially to memorize the  authors and book titles. All OBOB student participants will be invited to a celebration ice cream party held in room 1 directly following the all-school assembly final battle on Feb. 22nd.

Remember, all these kids are winners because of the hard work they did reading the books!


Game 1 Mon, Jan 28; 9:00 am Game 8 Fri, Feb. 8; 10:45 am
Game 2 Mon, Jan 28; 9:25 am Game 9** Fri, Feb. 8; 11:15 am
Game 3 Mon, Jan 28; 2:15 pm Game 10** Fri, Feb. 8; 12:45 pm
Game 4 Mon, Feb. 4; 2:15 pm Game 11 Fri, Feb. 8; 1:10 pm
Game 5** Fri, Feb. 8; 9:00 am Game 12** Fri. Feb. 8; 1:30 pm
Game 6** Fri, Feb. 8; 9:30 am Game 13** Fri, Feb. 8; 2:00 pm
Game 7 Fri, Feb. 8; 10:15 am Game 14(Championship Assembly) Fri, Feb. 22 ; Time TBD

** = Game is in second chance bracket


Family Movie Night/ familia a la noche de películas

Bring your family to movie night this Thursday 6-8pm and enjoy the movie Balto, based on a true story. Balto was a Siberian husky and sled dog who led his team on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome, in which diphtheria antitoxin was transported from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nenana, Alaska, by train and then to Nome by dog sled to combat an outbreak of the disease.

Free popcorn for everyone. Other light concessions available for purchase. We hope to see you there!


Lleve a su familia a la noche de películas este jueves de 6 a 8 pm y disfrute de la película Balto, basada en una historia real. Balto era un perro husky y trineo siberiano que dirigió a su equipo en la última etapa de la carrera de suero de 1925 a Nome, en la que se transportaba la antitoxina diftérica de Anchorage, Alaska, a Nenana, Alaska, en tren y luego a Nome en un trineo de perros.

Combatir un brote de la enfermedad. Palomitas gratis para todos. Otras concesiones de luz disponibles para la compra. ¡Esperamos verte ahí!


District Wide TAG (Talented and Gifted) Testing ~ Springfield Public Schools

District Wide TAG (Talented and Gifted) Testing ~ Springfield Public Schools


On Saturday, March 16, 2019, Springfield Public Schools will hold their district wide Spring  TAG Testing at Ridgeview Elementary School.

The TAG test assesses whether or not your child is at the 97%ile or above in the areas of Reading, Math, or Intellectual giftedness. The 97%ile means that if your child was in a line of 100 students, they would know more than the first 97 students in line. These children are at the top of their class, and typically above most students at their entire grade level at school.  If you feel your child may fit into this category, please talk to your child’s teacher and your school’s TAG contact  to refer your child for spring screening.

After you refer them for screening, the teacher will pull  all of the data for the screening and be in contact with you about whether or not your child would qualify to test. If your child qualifies for testing, you will receive a packet from your school with a parent questionnaire and more information about times of testing for your individual child.

If your child is already qualified as TAG, and you feel that your child may need to be accelerated a grade level, you would also speak to your child’s teacher and the TAG contact to refer your child for acceleration. The testing for acceleration will take place Saturday, March 16, 2019, for the above grade level test in Reading, Math, Writing, Science, Reference & Research and/or Social Studies. After testing, we will meet as a team with your school to discuss the next steps and fill out the Iowa Acceleration Scale.


Questions?  Contact:

Centennial TAG Contact: _  Karen Tunnell  @ 541-744-6383

District TAG Coordinator: Stephanie Lovdokken @ 541-520-4012


Exámenes TAG (Talentosos y Dotados) para Todo el Distrito ~ Escuelas Públicas de Springfield

El sábado 16 de marzo de 2019, Escuelas Públicas de Springfield ofrecerá en la Escuela Primaria Ridgeview los exámenes TAG para todo el distrito.

El examen TAG evalúa si su hijo/a está dentro del percentil 97 o más arriba en las áreas de lectura, matemáticas, o en dote intelectual. El percentil 97 quiere decir que si su hijo/a estuviera en una fila de 100 estudiantes, él o ella sabría más que los primeros 97 estudiantes en la fila.

Estos niños tienen un alto desempeño en su clase y típicamente están más adelantados que la mayoría de los estudiantes en su grado en la escuela. Si usted considera que su hijo/a puede estar dentro de esta categoría, por favor hable con el/la maestro/a de su hijo/a y con el contacto TAG de su escuela para que su hijo/a rinda el examen en el Febrero. Luego de haber solicitado la evaluación, usted recibirá un paquete de la escuela de su hijo/a con un cuestionario para padres de familia y más información sobre las horas en que su hijo/a puede rendir el examen.

Si su hijo/a ya ha calificado como TAG y usted considera que él o ella puede necesitar saltarse un grado, usted debería hablar con el/la maestro/a de su hijo/a y el contacto TAG para que su hijo/a sea evaluado/a para aceleración. Los exámenes de lectura, matemáticas, escritura, ciencias, referencias e investigación y/o estudios sociales para un grado más avanzado tendrán lugar el sábado 16 de marzo de 2019. Después de los exámenes, nos reunimos como equipo con la escuela de su hijo/a para discutir los siguientes pasos y para completar la Escala de Aceleración de Iowa.

Por favor contáctese con la escuela de su hijo/a si tiene alguna pregunta relacionada con el examen para calificar como TAG en el Octubre o con el examen TAG de aceleración


Centennial: Karen Tunnell 541-744-6383

Escuelas Públicas de Springfield: Stephanie Lovdokken 541-520-4012


Nearby Nature No School Day Adventures

Looking for somewhere fun to send you kid/s during the upcoming No School Days? Why not a No School Day Adventure with Nearby Nature? Nearby Nature No School Day Adventures are modeled after our summer daycamps. Taught by experienced environmental educators, our programs encompass science, hiking, art, and play. Cost: $45 members/$50 non-members. Scholarships are available. Ages 6-9, max 12 kids. Outdoors in local parks. To register, visit or call 541-687-9699.

Talon and Tweets NSD, January 21st, 8:30am-3pm in Alton Baker Park: 

Discover who’s tweeting in Alton Baker Park. Practice beak techniques, check out our talon collection, experiment with feathers and flight, and make a cool bird mask. Go on a bird watching walk in the park.
How to Hide NSD, February 1st, 8:30am-3pm in Alton Baker Park:
Spots, stripes and masks, oh my! How do colors and markings help animals survive in the wild? Answer these questions and more as we play camouflage games, explore nature nearby, and create colorful critters to take home.

Nature’s Busy Builders NSD, February 18th, 8:30am-3pm in Alton Baker Park: 
Enjoy a building adventure in nature nearby. Make a bird nest and your own fairy fort or gnome home. Go on an animal homes scavenger hunt and create your own fort from our Nature’s Builders Playspace super blocks.
About us: Nearby Nature is a non-profit education organization based in Eugene, Oregon. Founded in 1992, our group is dedicated to fostering appreciation of nature nearby and providing tools for ecological living.
Thanks as always!
ShyAnne Groberg 
Education Coordinator
Nearby Nature | | Office: 541-687-9699 ext. 2

Fall Book Fair is here!

Our annual fall book fair will be held at the end of this month and offers families a great opportunity to pick up that next favorite book to read over winter break and maybe even a few stocking stuffers. Each student will receive a virtual $2 from the PTA to spend at the book fair, just give the cashier your name at check out to use your money. All students need to be accompanied by an adult while they are shopping at the book fair. The book fair will be located in room 1 and will be open the following days and times:

  • Monday, Nov. 26th 2:30pm-3:15pm
  • Tuesday, Nov. 27th 2:30pm-3:15pm
  • Closed Wednesday, Nov. 28th
  • Thursday, Nov. 29th 8:00am-4:00pm
  • Friday, Nov. 30th 8:00am-4:00pm
  • Monday, Dec. 3rd 9:00am-3:15pm

You can also shop our book fair online at (search for Centennial Elementary) starting Nov. 14th – Dec. 4th. Any orders placed online will be shipped to the school free of charge and delivered to your student’s classroom.


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