Work Toward a Growth Mindset

Families, all of us – teachers, families, students – are facing new challenges every day. Training your kids to have a growth mindset can make all the difference between frustration and perseverance. You can help model a growth mindset by “minding” the words you choose. For example, instead of “I’m not good at this,” you can say, “I can’t do this – yet.” Give it a try! 

Click here to see a flyer about growth mindset.

Here’s a great video that you can share with your kiddos that explains how the brain works, and how we can train it to be more resilient.

This video uses the example of Apple founder Stephen Jobs as an example of how having a growth mindset can help students overcome a variety of obstacles.

This article has some tips for families to help their children develop a growth mindset.

Click here for some books you can read with your students.


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