OBOB at Centennial

The Oregon Battle of the Books is a statewide program aimed at helping kids develop a love of reading in the spirit of healthy competition. Follow the links to read more.

See the elementary titles this year

Read more about how OBOB works

Watch a video about how it works

See an author pronunciation guide

Getting books: Our Centennial library has fives copies of each title. Please be respectful to your fellow students and return the books promptly when you have finished reading them. The Springfield Public Library also has multiple copies of each OBOB title.

Forming teams: Teams of four are recommended. Get together with some friends you know who like to read, choose a fun name, and get started! Ms. Phillips has some handouts that you can use to help divide up the titles to read and keep track of details about each book that you read. Since there are 16 books in the list, each student should agree to read at least 4 of the books. But the more books you read, the more you can all help each other when it’s time to come up with an answer. You can work with your teammates to decide when you want to get together to work on your strategy or talk about the books. Some teams use their recess time to do this, or come in early or stay late.

Coaches: Elementary students often benefit from having a coach to help with strategies and help keep everyone on track. Often a parent or other family will take on this role. If you are interested in helping with coaching, please contact Ms. Phillips.

Schedule: School battles take place in late January to determine with team will go on to compete at the district tournament in Eugene. The date for that tournament has not yet been set, but is usually in early March.

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