Get the Latest on the Coronavirus

We are all concerned about the coronavirus. The district website will always have the latest and greatest information and advice about the virus and how it will affect our school.

Until we hear otherwise, our Blue Jay family will continue to go about its business of educating, trying to ward off any germs that threaten to take us away from learning and fun at school.

Sharing is wonderful, but please help us by encouraging your kiddos to NOT SHARE their germs, by washing their hands and covering their coughs and sneezes.

Families, it’s always your choice in the end whether to keep your kids home. However, please know that we always want your children at school if they are healthy. If they are sick – and fever or vomiting are big indicators – please keep them at home, and please make a plan for what you will do if your kiddo is sent home sick (and by all means, share it with us!).

If siblings are sick, it’s tempting to keep all the kids at home, but this is really not necessary unless, of course, there is a diagnosed case of the coronavirus.

And please do call us each day to keep us posted on how your kiddo is doing. We miss them when they’re not here!

In the meantime – lots of rest, fluids, healthy food and drink, and employ your family’s favorite immune strategies.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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