Lane County’s immunization rates

Lane County’s immunization rates and your school/facility’s rates can be found on the Health Services Immunizations web page.

Centennial’s Immunization Rates

If you have any questions please see the question and answer sheet for parents.


1st & 2nd grade Music Sharing & Performance Friday May 19th

On Friday, May 19th our wonderful 1st & 2nd grade students will be putting on a music sharing and performance in the Centennial gym 9:30-10:15am. All parents that are able to come are invited to attend. Please sing in at the front office and get ready for some fabulous tunes. We hope to see you there!


District Lunch Menu changed at school for Thursday May 11th

The lunch menu and Centennial will be changed from beefy mac to corn dogs on Thursday May 11th. Please plan ahead if this is a meal your student would prefer to not eat and bring a cold lunch instead. Thank you for your continued support and flexibility.


E-waste Recycling at Centennial

Centennial is registered to participate in the collection of E-waste for recycling.  This is a friendly competition between Eugene/Springfield schools with the goal of providing an easy way for our families and surrounding neighborhood to properly dispose of and recycle electronic waste.  Basically, anything with a cord or takes batteries is accepted for collection.  We are scheduled to have large pallet collection boxes delivered to Centennial May 1st in the Courtyard west of the restrooms.  These will later be picked-up the week of May 15-19, however donations can be dropped-off directly to NextStep Recycling in Eugene during the month of May to count toward our school’s weight total.

We’ll have a couple hand trucks stationed in the courtyard for transport use and if you need help please let the front office know.  Centennial already has some e-waste lined-up for donation from staff homes such as  2 microwaves, 2 televisions, 1 air conditioner, etc.  For more information please check out our flyer.


District Lunch Menu for Special Friends Day Changed

On Friday, April 28th Centennial will be holding our annual Friends and Family Luncheon at the school. If you are a family that plans your hot and cold lunches for the month ahead of time we wanted to let you know that due to this special event our lunch menu has been changed. On Thursday, April 27th hot lunch at school will be pizza or turkey sandwich with diced carrots, apple slices and side salad. On Friday hot lunch at school will be chicken strips w/dinner roll or chef salad w/dinner roll, oven fries, pears, celery & carrot sticks. We do not change the menu regularly from what the district provides but there are special circumstances that may arise where our kitchen staff need to make a change. We thank all of our families and students for their flexibility. If you have any further questions please contact the school.


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