Freshman Year

This Is Your Year To Explore Possibilities

Check out this site for a fun and informative checklist into how to kick-start your college and career plans visit knowhow2go every year:

* At the first of the year, revisit your four-year plan for high school classes.
* Do your best in all class work.
* Establish strong study habits and time management skills.
* Participate in student/parent career planning opportunities.
* Allow time to read newspapers, magazines, and books.  Reading different types of literature better prepares you for placement and entrance exams for college & career.

Freshmen Year
* Enjoy School! This is a time when you are developing as a student and a person.
* Use the library.
* Visit the College & Career Center.
* Pursue extracurricular activities. Join or start a club.
* Evaluate your college-financing plan.
* In the spring, review your curriculum plan. Ensure that your scheduling requests for sophomore year meet your career/education goals.