Freshman Year

This Is Your Year To Explore Possibilities

Freshman year is your best time to explore things that are interesting to you.  By taking a variety of classes and applying yourself to your studies, you’ll begin to lay a solid foundation upon which scholarships, college and career possibilities are built. Don’t limit yourself to just in-school experiences. This year, you’ll have plenty of time to join or start clubs, to volunteer in meaningful ways, and to find out what YOU are about!

Every Year:

  • At the first of the year, create or revisit your four-year plan for high school classes.
  • Do your best in all class work.
  • Establish strong study habits and time management skills.  If you haven’t already done so, develop study habits that make passing your proficiencies easier: take notes during class and review them before the class meets again (click here for ideas about how to take notes that work for YOU), read and re-read course materials, ask your teacher for help if you don’t understand something, take advantage of after and in-school tutoring, form study groups, and get in the habit of doing at least one thing each night to prepare for your classes the next school day.  If you need help, seek it out before things feel overwhelming.
  • Participate in student/parent career planning opportunities.
  • Allow time to read newspapers, magazines, and books.  Reading different types of literature better prepares you for placement and entrance exams for college & career.

Freshmen Year

  • Enjoy School! This is a time when you are developing as a student and a person.
  • Use the library.
  • Visit the College & Career Center.
  • Get involved! Participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer in the community.
  • Study hard and do well in school – From now on your grades will count toward college and will show up on your transcript.
  • Get to know your high school counselor and stop by the College Center. Let them get to know you and your goals, career aspirations, schools you are considering, etc.
  • Talk to your friends about what they plan to do after college. Talk to your parents and your friends’ parents about what they do.
  • In the spring, review your curriculum plan. Ensure that your scheduling requests for sophomore year meet your career/education goals.

There are tons of volunteer and career exploration opportunities that come through the College & Career Center every year, so check in with Jessica often to see what’s new.  Also be sure to listen to the morning announcements to stay up to date with the most current news.  Oh, and did you know there are scholarships available for freshmen, too!  Check in with Jessica in the College & Career Center to find out more.