In most cases, the schools to which you apply will automatically consider you for a whole bundle of scholarships, solely based on your general admissions application and your FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) data.

Seniors – don’t forget to apply for any scholarships offered by the college you choose to attend! Examples of these are Presidential & Diversity Scholarships, Foundation Scholarships, and Department Scholarships.

Please check out the resources below to help you get started on your search:

-Log on to your Naviance account for local and national scholarship opportunities.

-Check out this Google Doc that has the same scholarship as Naviance!!

-RaiseMe offers micro-scholarship program for students in 9th-12th. For more information visit RaiseMe

– Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC)  Due March 1st

LCC Foundation has a variety of scholarships available for Local students Due March 1st

– LCC has created a lists of scholarships available for Hispanic or Latino students

Many students also use large scholarship search engines to discover a wide range of scholarships that they may qualify for. Some common search engines used include:

– FastWeb
– BigFuture Scholarship Search

Western Undergraduate Exchange “WUE”– The Western Undergraduate Exchange “WUE” program is an agreement between schools in western states which basically allows each others’ students to attend school out of state without the burden of out-of-state tuition. Refer to the site for specific information.

If you need help editing your essays or can use a grammar check make sure to check out ProWritingAid it’s free and helpful.

Visit Naviance or stop by the College & Career Center to stay up-to-date on current scholarship opportunities.

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