ASPIRE-Access to Student Assistance Programs in Reach of Everyone

Mission Statement

ASPIRE (Access to Student Assistance Programs in Reach of Everyone) provides mentoring and resources to help students access education and training beyond high school.

ASPIRE advisors work one-on-one with high school students in helping them research and access post-secondary education. Our volunteer advisors help keep students accountable for applying for college and also in submitting their financial aid and scholarship applications. They assist them with their online research with careers and colleges. The most important role of the advisor is to provide another adult in the students life who is there to encourage and support them in their pursuit of an education beyond high school. Training is provided by the ASPIRE staff. Advisors generally serve 1 to 4 hours per month and all mentoring is done onsite at Thurston High School.

ASPIRE at Thurston High School
The ASPIRE program here at Thurston is important because it is giving every student an opportunity to further their education. It is also important in bringing the community and the high school together. I feel this program will help break down some preconceived notions about high school students that many community members have. My hope is that this program will be able to have sustainability power through the community volunteers.

Volunteer Information
Volunteers are trained by the ASPIRE administration team to become an ASPIRE Advisor.  The success of this program depends on their efforts and commitment.  ASPIRE Advisors are assigned to work one-on-one with students, guiding them through important steps toward postsecondary education including:  exploring career and college or vocational program options, planning ahead, finding the college or program that best fits the student’s needs, applying for scholarships and other financial aid.

For more information visit ASPIRE or contact:
Jennifer Wytcherley
THS College & Career Coordinator or (541) 744-5157



The Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) is a University of Oregon program led by volunteer faculty, and aimed at increasing students’ enrollment and success in college. SAIL invites 8th through 12th grade students that qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program to attend FREE, annual academic summer camps until they graduate from high school. As of fall 2014, SAIL has partnered with the ASPIRE program to offer mentoring to high school students during the academic year!

*SAIL Camps: for students interested in summer camps offered
*SAIL Mentorships: for students interested in academic mentoring with SAIL/ ASPIRE
*SAIL Resources: includes information on financial aid, scholarships, testing, and more
~College Readiness: info on searching and applying for colleges, testing, college credit in high school, and more
~Financial Aid: info on financial aid resources, application procedures and more
~Scholarships: scholarship lists (incl. for non-citizens), essay writing tips, and more

For more info on SAIL camps, mentoring, or resources, please contact our office:

Department of Economics
1285 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1285

Director: Lara Fernandez                                 ASPIRE Coordinator: Chelsie Donahue
E-mail:                               E-mail:
Phone: 541-346-8378                                       Phone: 541-346-4668

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