Parking Lot Reminders

I wanted to send out some reminders regarding our parking lot at drop-off and pick-up times.  Please be sure to follow these safety rules when you are at Page Elementary School.  Please also make sure to share this information with the other people that may be dropping off or picking up your student.  

*Please do not drop off students before 7:50 am.  We do not have supervision outside until 7:55.  At 7:55 only the students who eat breakfast will be let into the building.  Students who do not eat breakfast at school will wait outside until 8:25. 

*If you would like to walk your child to school or walk over to them to pick them up after school you need to make sure you are parked in a parking space.  If you are in the pause parking, lane closest to the school, you are not to exit your vehicle.  Pause parking is designed so students can be quickly dropped off or picked up.  This will help to keep our traffic flowing.

*When you are picking up students please be sure to follow the safety rules and listen to our safety patrol.  We have our hard working fifth graders and additional staff members outside to help keep everyone safe.  Please be respectful and courteous at all times.

*We do not allow students to walk through traffic to meet their parent.  You will need to park and walk to your student or wait until you are in front of the school to pause and pick them up at the yellow curb.

*Please do not park in or block the handicapped parking spaces.  Only vehicles that have their placard hanging in their cars are able to park in those spaces.  The Springfield Police Department will be helping the school enforce these parking spaces.

If you have any questions please contact the front office.  These rules are put into place to help keep your students safe.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful students with us each and every day, 

Principal- Lacey Macdonald

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