At Gateways High School we enroll and serve a diverse population of talented, perceptive, unconventional and promising young adults in Grades 10 through 14. We embrace students who are balancing great potential along with life or learning challenges. Our mission is to develop educational experiences that result in academic and personal success. We promote individual accountability by focusing on attendance, behavior and responsibility. We offer a positive, safe, culturally-aware and student-centered academic program that is responsive to the varied learning needs and college or career  goals of each and every student

Gateways High School is a place for students who:

  • May need more time to achieve their education plan
  • Are 10th-14th graders
  • Need smaller classes with fewer students
  • Are motivated to be in school and willing to try to succeed
  • Are college and/or career bound
  • May need help with basic academic skills (2-4 grade levels behind)
  • Need extra help in meeting new graduation requirements
  • May be behind in course credits
  • Need extra support to succeed in post-secondary education
  • Are pregnant or parenting (regardless of high school grade level)

Gateways High School specializes in:

    • A variety of academic options, including traditional diploma, modified diploma, and certificate of attendance
    • Transition services to college or career
    • Additional support connecting with community and educational resources beyond high school
    • Wraparound services for non-traditional high school students
    • Career exploration and preparation
    • Connections to vocational rehabilitation services
    • Pregnant student and parenting program with classes and support
    • Substance abuse and therapeutic counseling