Except when exempt by Oregon law (ORS 339.030.), All students between the ages of 7 and 18, who have not completed grade 12, are required to attend school full time on a regular basis at the designated school within the attendance area. School staff will monitor and report violations of the state compulsory attendance law.

Any parent who fails to send a student to school within three (3) days of notification by the district that their student is not complying with compulsory attendance requirements may be issued a citation by the district for the student’s failure to attend school. Violation is a Class C infraction of law and is punishable by a court-imposed fine up to $150 as provided by ORS 339.925.

Regular and prompt daily attendance to every class is the sole responsibility of each student at Gateways High School. Teachers may impose penalties for failing to attend class regularly and on time.

Have a parent/guardian excuse the absence by phone or note within 24 hours of returning to school. Please call 744-8862 between 7:30-4:00 each day the student is absent.

Upon returning to class/school, the student shall pick up missed assignments from each class and make up work allowed by the teacher.

Students forging notes and falsifying phone calls to obtain an excused absence or check out from school will result in disciplinary action.


Absences from school or class will be excused only under the following circumstances:

  1. The student is ill.
  2. Serious illness or death in the student’s family.
  3. Family emergency as determined by a school official.
  4. Field Trips and school sponsored activities.
  5. Medical or dental appointments. Confirmation of appointment may be required.
  6. Family vacations or other extended absences MUST be prearranged and approved by an administrator 3 days before you leave. It will be up to the student to collect homework prior to leaving.

Students who are absent more than 3 consecutive days MUST submit a note from a physician or clinic verifying the illness. Without a doctor’s note, any subsequent absences will be unexcused. By law, schools are not required to excuse any absences, but may do so at their discretion, usually for illnesses or family emergencies, (ORS 339.065-2), and only with a phone call or note from a parent clarifying the reason.


  1. A student under the age of 18 who leaves school during the day must do so with parent permission. Parents must sign students out or send them with a note to leave campus.
  1. If a student leaves campus without signing out it will be treated as an unexcused absence (skipping school) and suspension and/or detention will be assigned. Checking out to avoid attending all school assemblies will not be allowed.
  1. A student who becomes ill during the school day should, with the teacher’s permission, report to the health aide. The health aide will decide whether or not the student should be sent home and will notify the student’s parent, as appropriate.


1.     Students will be dropped after 10 consecutive days of unexcused/excused absences. The student and guardian must then make an appointment with an administrator before they can re-enroll.

  1. Eight unexcused one-half day absences in any four-week period shall be considered irregular attendance and may result in the student being referred to a truancy officer (ORS 339.0665) and or dropped from GHS for non-attendance.
  1. Once a school files truancy, a truancy officer will be sent to the student’s house to deliver information regarding the school attendance policy and the school attendance laws governing Oregon public schools. The parent/guardian may be cited $150 (or more in some cases) for students not complying with state attendance laws.
  1. If you are caught out of class without a hall pass you will be escorted back to class and/or disciplinary actions may be taken.
  1. Teachers are encouraged to contact student’s parent/guardian regarding frequent absences when it is affecting their grade in that class.


Arriving tardy to class is disruptive to the learning process. The tardy policy at Gateways High School is as follows:

1st Tardy – Warning

2nd Tardy – Teachers are encouraged to contact parents/guardians concerning tardiness.

3rd Tardy and further tardiness – Referral Campus Supervisor, with the following

consequences possible:

30 min. Detention – Suspension from school