Student of the Month


McCullough Madison

The Elks Club:  Madison McCullough

Madie McCullough is a terrific student!  She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, her pet animals, and reading.  She can be found at her home doing those things, or at work or school.  Madie enjoys working, has a positive attitude at school, and gets along with most everyone.  She is caring and passionate about learning and is very excited to begin college next year, to be a surgeon.  We’re lucky and grateful to have Madie as a student here at Gateways High School

October 2017 Student of the Month

October 2017
Student of the Month

The Register-Guard:  Jojo Curl.

Jojo is our pick for Student of the Month this month because of her tenacity and motivation to be a successful student here at GHS.  She is an avid reader, is attentive to detail, and is a role model to her peers.  Jojo can be counted on to show up early every day and to come into class with a positive growth mindset.  She is an absolute joy to have in class.  We are thrilled to celebrate Jojo this month.



The Register Guard SOM – Nicholas Catrone

Nicholas Catrone is a true treat to have in class this year.  He has made a complete turn-around in both his behavior and his attitude toward his education.  He is respectful to his teachers and follows directions.  He gets along well with his peers and works well with them in groups.  We can count on him now and are very excited about the change and effort that we have seen!  He is confident and determined and focused on his education.  Our entire team is very excited by the change and effort that we have seen in Nick this year and hope to see his continued success in the future!

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The Elks Club SOM – Alyssa Anderson

Alyssa is new to Gateways, but she has already made a big impression on us as a dedicated student who is concerned about doing her best work.  It is clear that she is highly motivated to get a good education and graduate from high school in order to pursue success in the next stage of her life.  Alyssa is a self-directed student who is determined to understand material presented in class and complete her assignments to the best of her ability.  She is a caring and thoughtful person who contributes to a respectful atmosphere in the classroom.  Alyssa is a valued member of our Gateways High School community and we are excited to have her with us!











Emily Coffman

Emily Coffman

Emily Coffman  – The Springfield Times

If you know Emily, you know all about her well rounded nature.  Her incredible work ethic, her ability to take on responsibility, her maturity, and her kind-hearted nature towards helping others succceed  does not go unnoticed around GHS!  Emily is a joy to have in class and a wonderful, strong young woman with the potential to be a great leader.

Nico Couturier

Nico Couturier

Nico Couturier – The Register-Guard

Nico has an amazing attitude and great school spirit.  His helpfulness does not go unnoticed as he is always willing to lend a hand to his peers and his teachers.  He’s a wonderful addition to his classes at GHS, bringing much humor and hilariousness.  He also represents the school while particpating in Student Voice with other students around the district.

Alexander Riley

Alexander Riley

Alexander Riley – Elks Club

Alexander has an incredible work ethic and genuine personality that deserves to be recognized.   He is always prepared for class and his work is completed beyond the

expectations laid out for him.  Alex contributes to discussions with well-thought out responses and fresh perspective.  It also does not go unnoticed how kind hearted he is – both towards his peers and his teachers.



Alana Hood

Alana Hood

Alana Hood – The Springfield Times Student of the month ~

Alana Hood is a kind, intelligent, and helpful student that any teacher would be delighted to have in class.  She produces quality work and always has a positive attitude that will ensure her success in life.  The teachers at Gateways High School are very proud of Alana, and are happy to celebrate her success by naming her Student of the Month!


Demitre Granados-Sosa

Demitre Granados-Sosa

Demitre Granados-Sosa – The Elks Club Student of the month ~

Demitre is a kind and intelligent student that is always helpful and respectful, in class and out.  He has a compassionate demeanor that encourages communication and trust.  He will always be an asset to those around him, and will excel after graduation in whatever he pursues.  All the teachers at Gateways High School wish him the best as he embarks on his path after graduation.


Natasha Garcia

Natasha Garcia

Natasha Garcia – The Register-Guard Student of the month ~

Natasha Garcia is a hard working student.  She  can be counted on to complete thoughtful and competent work.  She enjoys listening to most any kind of music and hanging out with friends or doing various projects.  She helps out in the community through volunteering or babysitting.  After graduation, she hopes to attend college and study to work in a medical profession.  Natasha is a creative artist as well, and enjoys drawing.  We’re lucky to have her as a student at Gateways!



Springfield Times October Student of the Month

William Hickman

William Hickman has come a long way here at Gateways. He’s matured into one of our best students this year, and is a joy to have in any classroom. He’s polite, respectful, helpful, and conscientious. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, and loves spending time in the woods, “being by yourself; able to clear your mind.” William’s dream is to enroll in LCC’s Diesel Mechanics program upon graduating from Gateways this year, and we’re sure he’ll do well in whatever he endeavors to do.



The Register-Guard October Student of the Month

Caitlin Bray

Caitlin Bray is conscientious with her work, witty, and helpful in class. She is eager to learn and encourages others to do well with her exceptional work ethic. Caitlin was highly recommended by all of her teachers as a brilliant example of what a good student can be. Upon graduation, Caitlin plans on going to college to better her future.