Dual Immersion Program / Programa de doble inmersión

Guy Lee Elementary is proud to offer a dual immersion program, also referred to as a two-way immersion program. This program provides special language instruction that will prepare students to become bilingual and biliterate and promotes high academic achievement in two languages (English and Spanish).

Dual immersion education integrates native English speaking and native Spanish speaking students in the same classroom. Students develop oral and cognitive academic language in both English and Spanish while mastering grade level knowledge and skills in all elementary content areas.

Our program is based on a 50/50 model, in which 50% of the instruction is delivered in English and the other 50% is delivered in Spanish. The program is designed to teach children a second language in a natural way through subject content instruction and everyday classroom conversation.

Application for the Dual Immersion Program / Solicitud para el programa Dual Immersion

Nutrition Class/Clase de Nutrición

Spanish is spoken
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