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Kindergarten Registration


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Kindergarten Readiness

Riverbend Elementary School

Preparing for kindergarten is an exciting time for both children and their parents. It can also be a bit intimidating. Parents often wonder if their child is ready for the kindergarten experience. It is important that children have a solid foundation on which to build future learning. The items listed here provide parents with an idea of what would be most helpful for children to know and be able to do before they begin kindergarten. The list may also provide parents with some insights as to what skills could be practiced during the months ahead. Some children will not know or understand some of the items, and others will know more.

General Life and Motor Skills

  • Manages own clothing and bathroom habits
  • Says first and last name
  • Has had numerous experiences to develop fine motor skills including using crayons, scissors, and pencils (including using correct tripod pencil grip)
  • Has established hand dominance
  • Has had experiences to develop gross motor skills including riding tricycles, bounding and catching balls, hopping, etc. (can walk and run with an even gait)
  • Can sit and listen in a group situation for at least 15 minutes
  • Will participate in group activities such as singing and chanting
  • Can follow simple directions
  • Has had many peer group experiences in order to be comfortable in the school setting
  • Takes turns listening and speaking
  • Understands having responsibilities such as making his/her bed, cleaning up own room, and feeding a pet, etc.

   Language Arts Concepts and Skills

  • Recognizes print in the environment
  • Recognizes rhyming words
  • Recognizes some letters and knows own name, including the recognizing and identifying letters in his/her own name
  • Begins to demonstrate reading-like behaviors, such as pretending to read and write
  • Begins to demonstrate understanding of picture books and simple stories
  • Retells stories, makes predictions, and connects stories to background experiences in a teacher-guided group format
  • Uses complete sentences
  • Recites familiar nursery rhymes and poems
  • Listens to and enjoys books
  • Has had someone read to him/her for literally hundreds of hours
  • Writes first name (letters should be formed from the top of the letter going down as opposed from the bottom of the letter going up)

Math Concepts and Skills

  • Recognizes colors and basic shapes
  • Understands the concept of size (small, medium, large)
  • Can count orally to at least 10
  • Can recognize the numbers to at least 10
  • Begins to write numbers (as with letters, numbers should be formed beginning from the top and going down)
  • Has had experiences building with various types of blocks


We want all children to have a successful experience in kindergarten. Research has shown that a child’s educational experience is most successful when parents are involved. In addition to beginning of the year activities, we provide many opportunities for parents to be involved in our program throughout the year. Opportunities include working in the classroom, completing projects at home, sending in items from a “wish list,” attending school/family events, and chaperoning on field trips.

Looking forward to an exciting year,

Riverbend  Kindergarten Teachers



Do you have a kinder starting next year? Here are a few links and information to help guide you to getting your child registered. 

  • Come in to the main office at Riverbend anytime from 7:30am -4:00pm and pick up a registration packet to be completed before the end of this school year.
  • We will register your child and then before school starts we will contact you with Staggered Start Information and a school supply list so your student will be ready to go for the new year!
  • Here are a list of programs that your child can get involved with over the summer to help him/her get ready for full day kindergarten.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school office at 541-988-2511