Events/College Visitations

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Admissions Director David Van der Hagen will be on campus to speak to interested incoming Freshmen students, in the library.  October 17th a@1:45

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Admissions Director Eduardo Rodriguez will be on campus to speak to interested incoming  Freshmen students in the library. October 18th @12:00

Experience Oregon Tech Tour

Thu Oct 18th 9:00am – 1:00pm
Valley River Center293 Valley River Center, Eugene, OR 97401, USA 


EOTTAO and Elevate Lane County are gearing up for the Experience Oregon Tech tour coming this fall! If you are a Lane County high school student interested in pursuing a career in or simply learning more about the tech industry, we encourage you to take advantage of this awesome opportunity! Students will be led on small group tours through two local tech companies where they will have the opportunity to meet employees, ask questions, and gain a better understanding the daily operations of tech companies. Buses will meet at VRC (in the RV parking lot near the river path) at 9 AM and will be dropped off at the same location at 1 PM. Lunch will be provided.

See Mrs. Mellor for a permission slip in the Career Center.

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Armed Servies Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

October 23  8:00AM ~  12:00PM Will be give in the computer lab in the library. Sign up for either session in the Career Center.

Although the ASVAB is best known as a military entrance exam, it is also commonly used as a career exploration exam. The program provides tools to help students learn more about career exploration and planning, in both the civilian and military worlds of work.

The ASVAB CEP is made up of three components:

  • ASVAB: The aptitude test estimates your performance in academic and vocational endeavors.
  • FYI: The interest inventory measures your work-related interests.
  • OCCU-Find: A career catalog with activities to help you put a plan together.

High school students in grades 10-12, and first and second year post-secondary school students can participate. Participation in the CEP is voluntary, but the future is mandatory. So, be ready!

How it works…
ASVAB CEP helps you figure out what you’re good at, what is important to you, and the jobs that match your skills and interests. After you take the test you will participate in a series of activities to help you understand your scores, yourself, and your option

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Pacific University Counselor Rudy Sanchez will be here to speak to interested incoming Freshmen student, in the library on October 30th at 8:30

The Rotary is offering a Youth Exchange for the school year 2019-20.  Students will stay with at least 2 different families from the countries that are listed on the website.  Must be 15 to 18 1/2 years of age to apply, have good grades and demonstrates good citizenship.  The cost for the Youth Exchange is approximately $6,700, the rotary will pay half of this expense.  To apply, you will need to contact your location Rotary Club by October 31, 2018 or you may access the application at                                                          Shot 2018-10-18 at 1.49.22 PM

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Oregon State University
Application Workshop
October 31st
1:00 ~ 3:00
East Computer Lab
Located in the library

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Are you the parent of a 14-16 year old daughter?
Or are you a 14-16 year old girl?
You are invited to participate in a research study about eating behaviors!
Oregon Research Institute is inviting parents and daughters, ages 14-16 years old to participate in a research study about eating behaviors.
Parents can receive $15.00 for completing a questioner and eligible teens can receive up to $325.00 for completing six visits over three years.  The visits include interviews, surveys, computer tasks, and a brain scan.
For more information

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November 6th from 9:00 to 12:00
that meets the demands of industry is fundamental to a strong economy.  Through Career Exploration employers can impart enthusiasm and understanding of their industry, identify skills and training required to fill jobs in their business and improve upon and cultivate a local pool of high qualified talent.  Select 9th and 10th grade high school students interested in pursuing CTE (Career Technical Education) will have the opportunity to tour a Lane Community College department of their choice.  Students will then participate in candid round table discussions with knowledgeable business leaders to gain insight into the industry of their choosing,

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Oregon State Cascades University Admission Counselor, Rachel Dudley will be here to meet with interested incoming Freshmen Students, in the library on November 14th
@ 9:00 AM