Junior Year


  • Meet with your guidance counselor to confirm your courses for your junior and senior years have the right balance of rigor and challenge to get into a competitive college.
  • Step up your involvement in one or two organizations. It’s not the number of organizations you belong to, but that you have leadership experience that matters the most.
  • Begin updating your resume and activities chart.
    *Community service activities and hours
    *Accomplishments *Achievements
  • Begin the career exploration process with some assessment tests.
  • Take PSAT.
  • Keep your focus on your grades. You’ll want your grades for this entire junior year to be as strong as possible.


  • Look ahead to the spring and begin mapping out the dates for your other standardized tests: AP Placement Exams, ACT, SAT I, SAT II.
  • Refine your choices of colleges by comparing and contrasting schools and attending college fairs.
  • Get educated about admissions requirements for the college of your interest or NCAA requirements.
  • Stay focused on grades. Colleges only accept C- or better.


  • Schedule meeting with your guidance counselor to discuss possible college choices.
  • Begin to focus on the key 10 colleges that are a good fit.
  • Develop (if you haven’t already) a file for each of the schools on your list.
  • Start learning about scholarships and grants.
  • Register for the June SAT tests.
  • Consider visiting some of the colleges on your list.
  • Begin identifying teachers who may be willing to write recommendations letters for you.
  • Begin reviewing for SAT/ACT.
    Visit http://www.collegeboard.org/
  • Take AP Placement Exams if you have taken AP courses.
  • Push yourself hard to end the year with solid grades.