Meet our Mentors


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Yazmin Silva Garcia

I am currently a 20 year old sophomore studying at the University of Oregon. I am majoring in General Social Sciences and minoring in Spanish. During my time in High school I was a member of the National Honors Society, I also received the Seal of Biliteracy awarded by the state of Oregon. To prepare for college as a junior and senior I enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program which pushed me to help out my community and challenge myself academically. In my free time I enjoy watching true crime videos and playing with makeup as well going to different sporting events. I appreciate spending time outdoors whether it be with my family or friends.

The things I enjoy helping students with are:

  • English and writing
  • Tutoring in spanish
  • College applications
  • Scholarship applications


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Jack Kapustka

My name is Jack Kapustka and I’m a senior at the University of Oregon. I
moved to Eugene from Des Moines, Iowa when I was 18, worked for a year
as I established in-state residency, and attended Lane Community College
for two years before entering the University. I am pursuing a career in
sociological research and plan on earning my PhD after spending next
year working as a high school mentor with Americorps. My areas of
expertise, in regard to the ASPIRE program, are as follows:

– Essay writing
– Soft skills (eg. interview skills, communicating with
professors/employers, time-management)
– Resume building

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Kelle Schalin
I graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Communications. Over the years I’ve worked for three different hospitals, providing them with marketing and fundraising support. I’m a great listener, solution oriented and enjoy researching information. I’m happy to help you with any of the following bullet points.
  • Essay writing
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Resume Building
  • Various writing projects

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Joshua Mostales
I am a fourth-year student dually enrolled at the University of Oregon and Robert D. Clark Honors College. I will be graduating this spring with a BS in Biochemistry, and I am set to attend medical school in the fall to pursue my MD. During high school, I was a member of the National Honor Society, President of my school’s Red Cross club, and Vice President of my school’s Pre-Med Association. I also participated in a two-year Health Careers program in high school, allowing me to cultivate my passion for science, medicine, and healthcare. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, eating good food, chilling with friends, and scrolling through funny memes. As the first person in my family to attend a university, I have a deep passion for helping students pursue higher education. I have been an ASPIRE mentor for the past three years, and I enjoy helping students with:
  • College, scholarship, and financial aid applications
  • Essay writing 
  • Career guidance and exploration (especially in the STEM field)
  • Choosing a college and major
  • Planning and time management

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  • Meghan Ramirez

I am a Springfield High School alumna majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Oregon. My aspirations are to do research in traumatic brain injuries and the ways in which music can be used therapeutically.  While in high school, I was part of theater, choir, HOSA, and leadership. My hobbies include dance, cooking, and exploring our beautiful state.

  • Scholarship Assistance (Especially University of Oregon)
  • Career Guidance (For those entering Social Work, Therapies, Research)
  • Choosing a College Major
  • Interview Prep

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Zina Dolan is student in the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the
University of Oregon majoring in political science and history. She is
interested in international relations and diplomacy, and she has studied
abroad in Chile and India. Aside from volunteering with ASPIRE, Zina is
involved with the University of Oregon Student Sustainability Center,
Mills International Center, and student journalism. She is passionate
about education equity and encouraging all students to consider college.
She is happy to help with:
– Identifying future goals and understanding options
– Finding college “fit”
– Essay writing
– Scholarship applications
– Resumes and interviews

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Jeff Paschall

Jeff Paschall is  a licensed professional engineer with a degree from the University of Washington.  I began my career working as a design and field engineer on projects from Southeast Alaska to Southern Chile.  I am currently the City of Springfield’s City Engineer where I manage the Engineering Division.  As a mentor, I can help with:

  • Career exploration and guidance
  •  Scholarship applications
  • Time management
  •  Resumes and interview prep
  •  Some tutoring

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David Regnier

I was the first in my family to attend college, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Iowa and a law degree at the University of Illinois.  I spent most of my 36 years as a lawyer advising local governments (a city, several school districts, a transit district and a county) on a wide array of matters.  My focus in the last ten years of my career was on negotiating and writing contracts for the delivery of technology systems.  I value clear, concise and precise writing and look forward to working with students on the following:

  • – resume and essay writing
  • – college and scholarship applications
  • – interview preparation
  • – career exploration

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Allie Gallo

I am a University of Oregon graduate who moved to Eugene from Southern California 6 years ago. I majored in Human Physiology and have a minor in Biochemistry. I’ve worked a variety of jobs, from making doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnuts to medical assisting. My goal is to end up in medical school. Outside of work I am an avid weightlifter, getting better at bouldering, and constantly cooking up new things in the kitchen.

As an ASPIRE Mentor, I’d love to help you out with:

  • -College selection, applications, essays
  • -Job resumes and cover letters
  • -Interview skills
  • -Career guidance, particularly anything related to science and medicine

Kobe Dumas

Kobe Dumas

I’m a junior at the University of Oregon studying Business Admin | Marketing with a minor in Sociology. I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and moved to Oregon to continue my education.

I have a passion for giving back and working with others who share this same passion. My goal is to help students reach the next step in the pursuit of higher education.

Areas of specialty:

  • Resume Help
  • Writing Help
  • Scholarship Assistance