Senior Year



_______ Sign up for Remind! Ask Ms. Mellor for instructions.

_______Attend college information nights in your community

_______Check college websites for applications, deadlines, financial aid and housing                                                                     information.

_______Ask counselor to evaluate your transcript for high school graduation and college eligibility

_______Register to take or retake college entrance exams

_______Keep your test scores, resume and transcript organized to help in completing college applications

­­­_______Ask teachers and counselors for any required or optional letters of recommendation

_______Finalize portfolios, audition materials or writing samples as required for each application

______Get feedback form a college advisor, teacher, or parent/guardian and complete revisions of all applications and essays

_______ Create a Senior calendar with important dates, which may include the following:

_______ OSAC opens November 1 and closes March 1

_______ FAFSA opens in October

_______ Application deadline for Early Action at most colleges is November 1

_______ Application final deadline for most colleges is January 1

_______ Create your OSAC ID and password

_______ Memorize your Social Security number

_______ Create your FAFSA ID and password at (put it in the envelope)

_______ Attend scholarship night, financial aid night, scholarship and awards night

_______Ask for letters of recommendation at least two weeks before you need them

Financial Aid

_______Review the financial aid application process and timeline required by the colleges you list

_______Register for a FSA ID, which serves as your FASFA e-signiture; student’s parents/guardians must also register for a FSA ID ( )

_______File the free application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) which opens on October ( )

  • Information from the 2017 tax year will be ued for entering class 2019

_______Attend financial aid workshops in your community for help completing the FASFA

_______Be aware that private schools may require additional financial information for the CSS/Financial Aid Profile ( )

_______Check your state financial aid websites for more information about in-state financial aid opportunities for undocumented and DACA students

_______Search and apply for scholarships ( , , )

_______Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) once FASFA has been processed and make any needed corrections


College application follow-up                

_______Check your email frequently for additional information colleges might request within their timeline

_______Send your mid-year transcript to colleges that request them

_______Continue scholarship searches over winter break and submit applications



_______Keep your grades up- college admissions are conditional and can be receinded if you do not continue academic excellence

_______Check the colleges where you have appied before considering dropping a senior year class; all classes on your college application are expected to be completed

_______Take your Advanced Placement (AP) and/or international Baccalaureate (IB) exams

 Best college and financial fit

_______Check your email for admissions decision notifications

_______Visit campuses that most interest you during admitted students day or before

_______Carefully review your financial aid award letters for each campus where you have received admission and compare each offer; ask a college advisor for help in clarifying your award letters

_______Discuss your options with your parents/ guardians

_______Call financial aid offices to answer questions or negotiate your award

_______Notify and place a deposit at the college if your choice by Decision Day (May 1st)- CONGRATULATIONS!

College admission follow-up

_______Sign into your college portal and review your task list and deadlines

_______Check your email for correspondence and deadline reminders

_______Finalize your financial aid; accept your financial aid award or work with the college’s financial aid office to adjust it

_______request your final transcript be sent to your college choice from your highschool registrar before the deadline

_______Request AP and IB scores be submitted to your new college

_______Ask about college placement tests- some colleges require them for English and math; make sure to register in time and study beforehand.