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Transfer Info

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In-district and out of district transfers

Please follow this link if you need information about school transfers



TAG Testing coming soon

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District Wide TAG (Talented and Gifted) Testing ~ Springfield Public Schools

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, Springfield Public Schools will hold their district wide fall TAG Testing at Ridgeview Elementary School. The TAG test assesses whether or not your child is at the 97%ile or above in the areas of Reading, Math, or Intellectual giftedness. The 97%ile means that if your child was in a line of 100 students, they would know more than the first 97 students in line. These children are at the top of their class, and typically above most students at their entire grade level at school.


If you feel your child may fit into this category, please talk to your child’s teacher and your school’s TAG contact  to begin the referral process for fall testing. After you refer them for testing, the teachers will gather data and fill out a referral form. They will share with you the data they have gathered and let you know whether your child meets the criteria to test for TAG. If they qualify for testing, you will receive a packet from your school with a parent questionnaire and more information about times of testing for your individual child. If they do not qualify, your child’s teacher will meet with you to discuss options to best meet the needs of your child.

If your child is already qualified as TAG in reading, math, and cognitive ability,, and you feel that your child may need to be accelerated a grade level, you would also speak to your child’s teacher and the TAG contact to refer your child for acceleration. If your child is not yet qualified in all three areas, please refer your child for testing. The testing for acceleration will take place Saturday, October 13, 2018, for the above grade level test in Reading, Math, Writing, Science, Reference & Research and/or Social Studies. After testing, we will meet as a team with your school to discuss the next steps and fill out the Iowa Acceleration Scale. At this point in time, a meeting will be called with the family to discuss the results and next steps.

Questions?   Please call Pamala White, Thurston TAG Contact, at:

541-744-6411 or contact through email at


Campus Security

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For the foreseeable future, in an effort to make our campus more secure, the north and south playground gates will be locked from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

If you have questions or comments, please phone our office.  Thank you.



Spring Sports Registration

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Spring Soccer and Lacrosse Poster 2017

Kidsports spring registrations are starting for soccer and lacrosse – follow the attached link for details.


Is there school today?

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When we face weather that is less than ideal, Springfield School District has crews out covering the roadways before most of us are thinking about getting up.  District staff drive around areas that are most susceptible to ice and snow to determine whether it is safe for buses, students and families to be out on the road to get to school.  They try to have a determination made about the day’s school schedule by 6:30 a.m., and get the word out to various local radio and TV stations.  Click here for more information about weather-related closures and delays.

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