Thurston Elementary School

Thurston Elementary is a committed community that knows no limits to the success of all students.


Nicki Gorham Principal
Kathy Laird Secretary
Kathryn Anderson Kindergarten
Kristin Archer Grade 1
Beth Atkerson Library
Vickie Barbee Food Service
Tia Berg Instr. Asst.
Kurtis Bonar Grade 5
Marissa Bossuet Lifeskills Asst.
Vicky Bradley Instr. Asst.
Bonita Brown Custodian
Katie Buckley Instr. Asst.
RoseAnn Coe Grade 3
Lorene Corgain Grade 1
Curtis Crosswhite Grade 4
MaryLee Culp Grade 2
Jan Dewey Music
Amber Dyer Lifeskills Asst.
Erin Eisele Health/Case Mgmt Ass’t
Nicki Essman Grade 2
Bambi Estep Lifeskills Asst.
Helen Federico-Kwong Grade 4
Tasha Fisher Lifeskills Asst.
Robin Flores Lifeskills Asst.
Shawn Foraker Custodian p.m.
Erika Forrester Lifeskills Asst.
Wendy Fowler Custodian p.m.
Julia Harris Lifeskills
Quincy Hayden Instr. Asst.
Betsy Hecker Lifeskills Asst.
Mindy Henricks Instr. Asst.
Cari Hill Instr. Asst.
Alison Hintz Speech
Sarah Johnson Grade 3
Brian Jordan Grade 2
Nola Kari Literacy
Debbie Key Instr. Asst.
Danelle Krinsky ELD
Sandra Maberry Lifeskills Asst.
Linda McCuen Lifeskills Asst.
Jocelyn Mendelssohn Grade 5
Tiffany Morgan Instr. Asst.
Sandra Nelson Resource
Sharon Orme Grade 5
Sarah Ragle Kindergarten
Monica Reay Instr. Asst.
Tonya Reichenberger Grade 3
Eric Roberts Behavior Spec.
Della Sayler Instr. Ass’t
Jessica Shanyfelt Psych.
Garnet Shutt Kitchen Ass’t
Apryl Smith Grade 4
Molly Spain Instr. Asst.
Katie Stiles Instr. TOSA
Amber Stone Instr. Asst.
Tina Trenary Lifeskills Asst.
Jen Trujillo Grade 1
Leslie Wasson Librarian
Katie Wells Instr. Asst.
Cheri Westerkamp Kindergarten
Becky Willis Lifeskills Asst.



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