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Inclement Weather Alert or Closure Information for Springfield School District –
click here for complete details/information:    Weather or Closure Info

If we are experiencing inclement weather (snow/ice) click link below for quick info from Flash Alert to see if school is open today –  the District will determine this and post by 6:30 a.m.

School Closure Information

ANNUAL NOTIFICATION:    Annual Notification 2017

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Thurston High Colt Night

Thurston High School invites all 8th Grade Students to come to the 4th Annual COLT NIGHT!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 – 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

We are pleased to invite all of our incoming and returning students and their families to explore Thurston High School’s curriculum, athletics, and activities.  Please join us!  Plan on…
• Visiting with staff
• Meeting students, coaches, and club advisors
• Joining drop-in sessions about:  Honors Options, Attendance, Aspire, AP Classes
• Music, Entertainment, and Games in Courtyard
• Learning about courses and electives
• Attending Informational Welcome Sessions
We are very proud of Thurston High School and hope you will join us!
See you here, April 17, 2018! …All the best from THS!
“Thurston High School is a caring community dedicated to preparing graduates for a successful future by educating, supporting, and inspiring all learners.”


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Spring Picture Day – Feb 27th

February 27th – pictures will be taken of all 8th Grade Students for their end of year promotion picture.  6th and 7th grades – this is optional and a packet will need to be with your student to purchase pictures.

You can also go on line to mylifetouch.com and enter the following code to buy pictures through their website.  Our Picture Day ID code is:   LO417002Y0

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Oregon Health Plan Coverage

The Oregon Health Plan is now open to more children and teens, regardless of immigration status.  OHP is free health coverage for Oregonians who meet income and other criteria. It covers many health care services such as check-ups, tooth fillings, glasses and prescriptions. It also covers labs, x-rays and hospital care. It even pays for rides to and from the doctor’s office. Apply to see if you qualify. Help is free.

Call the Access Team at Community Health Centers of Lane County at 541-682-3585 for more information. They are trained and certified by OHP to answer your questions and help your family apply for free. OHP is now for me!

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TAG Testing – February 24th

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, Springfield Public Schools will hold their district wide Spring TAG Testing at Ridgeview Elementary School. The TAG test assesses whether or not your child is at the 97%ile or above in the areas of Reading, Math, or Intellectual giftedness. The 97%ile means that if your child was in a line of 100 students, they would know more than the first 97 students in line. These children are at the top of their class, and typically above most students at their entire grade level at school.  If you feel your child may fit into this category, please talk to your child’s teacher and your school’s TAG contact  to refer your child for the spring testing. After you refer them for testing, the referral screener will begin and you will receive a packet from your school with a parent questionnaire. Once data is gathered, the teacher will contact you to meet about whether TAG testing at this time would be a good fit for your child.

If your child is already qualified as TAG, and you feel that your child may need to be accelerated a grade level, you would also speak to your child’s teacher and the TAG contact to refer your child for acceleration. The testing for acceleration will take place Saturday, February 24, 2018, for the above grade level test in Reading, Math, Writing, Science, Reference & Research and/or Social Studies. After testing, we will meet as a team with your school to discuss the next steps and fill out the Iowa Acceleration Scale.

Questions?  Contact:   Brandy Selby at 541-744-6368 or brandy.selby@springfield.k12.or.us

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Within-District Transfers Accepted Through Jan. 31

Within-district transfer requests will be accepted from January 3 through January 31.

Requests to transfer into a Springfield school from outside the district will be accepted during the Open Enrollment period in the month of March.

Please click this link for more information and forms:


Q. Do I need to reapply for the transfer?

A. New this year: Students on a within-district transfer do NOT need to reapply for a transfer each year if they are staying at the same school. Students WILL need to reapply when changing from elementary to middle or from middle to high school or if they have moved from the address of the original approved transfer.

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School Attendance

School attendance matters!  There are only a few reasons that are acceptable for “Excused Absence”:

Death in the Family
Medical Appointment (please bring a note from Doctor)

Reasons that are considered “unexcused” include haircuts, birthdays or other family celebrations, shopping or errands, and yes, also vacations.

To learn more about attendance, check out our District link for an overview:


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What’s SAIL all about?
SAIL is an innovative pipeline program that helps local eighth
through twelfth graders prepare for college.
SAIL offers free one-week summer camps, where students
learn about various subjects from distinguished University
of Oregon faculty members through fun social and interactive
activities. Each summer, returning students choose a new
academic subject. SAIL camps include sessions on the
college admissions process, scholarship availability, and
the financial aid process.
During the school year, SAIL offers mentoring—administered
by UO college students—to eligible students in local high
schools who are navigating the college admissions process.

To learn more about this program – please click this link:


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Peachjar is here!

Our District is partnering with an electronic flyer information system called Peachjar.  We at TMS will be using this to help share information instead of the old traditional newsletter.  The flyers are specifically designed to work well with the modern smart phone or computer when opening email.  Parents who have provided emails to us that are in Synergy have just started receiving these flyers.

You can see our most recent flyers (shared by us and also the District approved flyers) by clicking on the menu link that says PEACHJAR Eflyers.  After you get to this page – click on the big orange button.  This will show you all flyers that have gone out to Parents so far.

To learn more about this, you can visit our District website at the below link:

SPS Peachjar

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Outdoor School Photos are Posted!!!

Great pics of our June 2017 6th Grade Outdoor School Program are posted.  Please go to our 6th Grade Outdoor School page and check out the link for the pictures of both 1st and 2nd Session, as well as fun staff pics!   A great time was had by all!

Thanks to Mr. Kinzer for taking all of these great photos!

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School Transfer Information

Please click on this link to learn about School Transfer Information for next year:

Transfer Information

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