New Bus Pass Program

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Bus Pass Program


Springfield Public Schools is pleased to announce the roll out of a Bus Pass Program starting in early 2020.  As part of this program, all bus riders will need to have a bus pass in order to use district provided transportation.

The bus passes the district is using are called a ZPass. These bus passes incorporate a passive RFID based technology designed to enhance bus rider safety.

Here is how the new bus pass system works.  During the second week of January, all current district bus riders will receive a ZPass badge.  As each student enters or exits the school bus they will scan their badge which will record the bus pass number, the location, and the time.  By capturing this information, district staff and parents (through a free secure App called ZPass+ Ridership Alerts App) will know when and where a student gets on and off a district bus. This information will allow district staff and parents to quickly respond to situations where students do not arrive at home or school as expected.  In addition, the new system will instantly report who is on the bus in the event of a mechanical problem or traffic accident reducing the time required to notify parents.

If you are interested in using the ZPass+ Ridership Alerts App, you must first register for a ZPass+ account on the district website.  As part of the registration process you will need to enter the number on your student’s bus pass.  Once you are registered, you will be able to download and begin using the App.

While ZPass technology is new to Springfield Public Schools, it is being used by a number of other school districts with the same goal, enhancing student safety.  If you want to learn more about the program, you can visit Transportation on the district website.  The ZPass badge will serve as a bus pass for all students using district provided transportation services.  Parents as well as students 14 and older may opt out of the electronic tracking capabilities of the Bus Pass Program.  To opt out of electronic tracking, you will need to complete the Bus Pass Electronic Tracking Opt Out Form available on the Springfield Public Schools Website.  This form can be returned to your student’s school, the Transportation Office located at 1890 42nd Street in Springfield, or emailed to