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Attendance:   Oregon law requires that all children and young people between the ages of seven and eighteen years of age attend regularly a full time public school, if they have not completed twelfth grade (ORS 339.010). The law further requires persons having control of any such minor to send him or her to school.

  1. Absences: When you are absent from school because of an illness or emergency your parent or guardian should telephone the school before 9:00 a.m. When not notified, the school will contact most parents by telephone regarding absent students. If a call has NOT been made, you will be required to have a written excuse from your parent or guardian to admit you into class.
  2. Truancy: Students will receive disciplinary action from the assistant principal or administrative designee.

Bicycles :   If you ride a bicycle to school, it must be placed in the bicycle rack or compound. The school is not responsible for your bicycle. LOCK your bicycle. Students are expected to wear bike helmets when riding to and from school and are expected to walk bikes on campus.

Boy/Girl Relationships:   Ample opportunity is given for wholesome socializing between boys and girls at social activities and during free time. However, such things such as kissing, embracing, and holding hands are not allowed.

Bus Regulations:    Riding the bus is a privilege, which can be denied if bus regulations are not followed. The school wants to inform all of our students and their parents that we will follow policies and procedures that will encourage good student conduct and safety for all students when going to and from school on the buses.

WARNING – This is a written warning. The student and the parents will be contacted and informed of the procedures for further infractions.
FIRST REFERRAL – Contact the student and parents to inform them that their child will not ride any bus for 5 school days.
SECOND REFERRAL – Contact the student and parents to inform them that their child will not ride any bus for 10 school days.
THIRD REFERRAL – Contact the students and parents to inform them that their child will not ride any bs for 10 school days.
FOURTH REFERRAL – The student is suspended from riding any school bus and a bus appeal hearing is set. The student may be suspended from riding the bus for the remainder of the school year.

If you are restricted from riding the bus, it is the responsibility of your parents to see that you get to and from school. For an appeal, contact your building administrator.

Cafeteria Rules

  1. You must eat lunch in the cafeteria even if you bring a sack lunch.
  2. All trays and eating utensils are to be delivered to the service window when you have completed your lunch.
  3. All litter and recycling should be placed in its proper receptacle.
  4. There will be no cutting or saving places in the lunch line.
  5. Self-discipline is to be maintained and good manners are to be practiced.

Closed Campus:   Our school has a closed campus, which means that all non-school persons MUST register through the front office. Students from other schools are not permitted to visit classes and will not be given visitors passes. DO NOT BRING YOUR GUESTS TO SCHOOL. Closed campus also means that once you arrive at school, you may NOT leave unless you check out through the office. This includes before classes in the morning or after school before you catch the bus or your parents pick you up. Depending on individual school rule, you may request for your student to go home for lunch. Your parents are always welcome to visit our school, and the school urges you to invite them at any time. Parents are to check in at the main office and obtain a visitor pass to visit class.

Dress and Appearance :   Dress and appearance shall not be disruptive to the learning process:

  1. Shoes and shirts are to be worn at all times.
  2. Students are to wear clothing where the midriff is covered. No undergarment clothing should be showing.
  3. Students are expected to be neat and clean at all times.
  4. Hats and caps are not to be worn inside the building.
  5. Displays, including jewelry or wording on clothing, which are sexually suggestive, drug alcohol or tobacco related, gang related, vulgar, insulting, or which ridicule a particular person or group, are prohibited.
  6. No flagging or sagging of pants, belts, or other clothing items. Pants are to be worn on the hips and belts will be tucked in at the belt loops. Snaps on bib overalls will be snapped and worn on the shoulders.
  7. Chains that hang, snag, or flag are not to be worn on campus.

All middle schools in Springfield have the same expectations for student behavior. Students should feel safe and respected in our schools. School should also be a place where students can learn in an atmosphere free of disruption. Because school is a place for learning, the students should come dresses appropriately for the school environment.

For all students this means that hats are allowed only after school, at athletic events, and school activities.

For girls this means midriffs must be covered. Shirts and pants must meet at the waist. All undergarments must be covered. The back of any shirt must cover the back up to the shoulder blades. All shirts must have straps and straps must be at least 1-inch wide and must cover all undergarments. Shirts that have a low cut front are not allowed.

For boys this means pants must be worn at the waist with no undergarments showing.

If a student is not following these expectations they will be offered an appropriate shirt or belt to wear and parents will be contacted. Thank you for your help and support in creating an appropriate school environment for all students.

Prohibited Items:    You are NOT to bring the following articles to school:

  1. Knives: any size or description
  2. Guns: any size or description
  3. Laser Pointers
  4. Water Squirters
  5. Cigarette lighters & matches
  6. Explosives or ammunition (including firecrackers, chemicals, BB’s, and flipping devices)
  7. Food, pop, candy or any other items with the intent to be sold to students by students (unless approved by principal)
  8. The following items have no educational value an are not a part of the instructional program at middle school. Items listed below may be used by students outside of school, but not during the school day:
    1. Electronic devices including cell phones, pagers, and radios
    2. Personal music devices including MP3 players, iPods, walkmans, boom boxes, and CD/Tape players
    3. Electronic games and other electronic devices which may disrupt the classroom learning environment.

Standards of Conduct:   Students shall comply with the reasonable written rules of the school district board, pursue the prescribed course of study, submit to the lawful authority of teachers and school officials, and conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.

Students shall be liable to discipline, suspension or expulsion for misconduct including but not limited to:

  1. Theft
  2. Disruption of school
  3. Damage or destruction of school property
  4. Damage or destruction of private property on school premises or during a school activity
  5. Assault or threats of harm (fighting)
  6. Harassment
  7. Unauthorized use or possession of drugs, narcotics (including marijuana), or alcoholic beverages
  8. Persistent failure to comply with rules or the lawful direction of teachers or school officials
  9. Possession or use to tobacco or cigarettes
  10. Obscene or profane language or gestures
  11. Criminal acts
  12. Truancy (skipping class or school)
  13. Gambling in any form
  14. Initiating or hazing of students

Student Responsibilities

  1. Attend class regularly and on time.
  2. Take the necessary supplies to class.
  3. Complete all work assigned.
  4. Keep hands, feet, arms, body, and objects to self.
  5. Be courteous and respectful to students and all staff.
  6. Follow school rules.

Supervision of Students:   Students are under supervision from 8:00am until 3:30pm or until the last bus leaves. If the students is involved in an after school activity, they are under the school’s supervision until the end of the activity.

Tardies:    The Thurston Middle School Tardy Policy is:
1st Tardy – Warning
2nd Tardy – In Class Consequence
3rd Tardy – Parent Contact and Lunch Detention
4th Tardy – Minor Referral and Lunch or After School Detention
5th Tardy – Office Referral