“OTTERPRIZE: SNOW DAY” – No school again, Thursday, February 28th

Dear TRDR families, there is NO SCHOOL once again for Thursday, February 28th. The district appreciates everyone’s patience as we determine that it is completely safe for students to return to school.

In the meantime, please enjoy our latest video!

When the Otterprize suffers a power outage after a super winter, space storm, the crew takes shore leave on a snow planet with only Captain Jett, Mr. Charles and Ollie left aboard. After some play time, Ollie begins to relax and read, and his imagination begins to run away with him… or is it only his imagination?

Inspired by Bill Watterson’s delightful “Calvin & Hobbes” comic strip, “Otterprize: Snow Day” commemorates the FOUR days in February 2019 when there wasn’t any school… but whole lot of snowy fun taking place!

“OTTERPRIZE: SNOW DAY” is playing on our school’s Facebook page and YouTube channel! Please share the video forward and subscribe to receive more fun Two Rivers- Dos Rios videos!

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