Newsletters and Principal Logs


We are always very excited to share our recent students’ accomplishments and celebrations, as well as latest developments at Two Rivers – Dos Rios.  Here you will find the latest editions of our school newsletter, “Otter Trek,” as well as Mr. Jett’s “Principal Logs.”  The Principal Logs are a creative way to illustrate what is happening around the school in the style of “Star Trek,” where Two Rivers – Dos Rios is the starship “Otterprize,” and the mission is the students.  So climb aboard and journey with us.  Together, we are all Otter Stars.

Latest Principal Video Log – April 30, 2019 LINKED HERE:

Link to Principal Video Logs 2018-2019

Link to Principal Video Logs 2017-2018

Link to Principal Video Logs 2016-2017


Otter Trek Newsletters for the 2018-2019 School Year:

May newsletter in Spanish – May newsletter 2019 complete SPA

May newsletter in English – May newsletter 2019 complete

March newsletter in Spanish Marzo-Abril Vol7Iss5Otter Trek.Eng2018-19 (3)

March newsletter in English Vol7Iss5Otter Trek.Eng2018-19

January newsletter MS Word English  January newsletter MS Word

November newsletter in Spanish Vol7Iss3Otter Trek.SPANISH2018-19

November newsletter in English Vol7Iss3Otter Trek.Eng2018-19

October newsletter in Spanish: Spanish Vol7Iss2Otter Trek.Eng2018-19

October newsletter in English: Vol7Iss2Otter Trek.Eng2018-19

September newsletter in Spanish:  Vol7Iss1Otter Trek.Spa

September newsletter in Spanish, page 2:  Vol7Iss1.page2 Spa Vol 7

September newsletter in English:  Vol7Iss1Otter Trek.Eng2018-19

Special September announcements: Iss 1_Page 2Eng


Click the PeachJar eflyers image below to see the latest school flyers.

2016-2017 Final Newsletter below:

06_June_Spa – June 2017 in Spanish

06_June_Issue5-6Eng – June 2017 in English