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Parents / Families Information:

Please link here to review our school’s Health and Safety OPERATIONAL BLUEPRINT for the 2020-2021 school year.


Family Resource Guide

Family Resource Guide 2019-20

Click here to access our TRDR Family Resource Guide in an online slideshow format

School Supply List for 2020-21:

The school supply lists for this next school year are available here in both English and Spanish (CLICK TO ACCESS)


Family Resource Center Survey

Our school is in the process of developing a parent involvement program and enhancing our Family Center and we need your help. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions in our online survey to help us improve our Family Center in order to, in turn, support our students and families.  Thanks so much!

Parent Survey 2019


Link to hard copy survey here: Family Center Survey 2019

Simply print it, fill it out, and return to school in person, or with your student.  Your student can hand it to her/his teacher.  Thanks!

Importance of school attendance

It is critical that all students be at school so that they can access their education.  By not attending school, students not only fall behind academically, but miss out on opportunities for building positive social interactions with other students, and staff.   Please watch our video about the importance of daily attendance.  While the creative story in the video may be fun, the subject of daily attendance is no less important.  Enjoy!


School Transfer Request Forms

  • Within-District forms will be available by Dec 29.  We will begin accepting HP & OE requests (within district students only) on January 3 (Jan 31 deadline)
  • Open Enrollment (into-district students) will be available by the last week of February.  We will begin accepting OE requests on March 1 (April 1 deadline)

Please note:

  • Requests must be submitted to the District Office (640 ‘A’ Street) either by personal delivery, fax, email or regular mail.
  • Forms cannot be turned in at school sites nor may building employees accept forms to submit.  Also, early or late applications will not be accepted.
  • Biggest change:  Within-District Space Availability/Exchange requests will not have to reapply to continue at the same school provided they have not moved from the address of the original approval.  Inter-District transfer students must still reapply.
  • Should a student’s attendance and or behavior fail to meet minimum standards (90%), buildings do have the ability to revoke the student’s transfer.
  • Please See the Notice for Transfers 18-19 HERE (CLICK!)


Kindergarten Information Night:

Our Kindergarten Information Night for families and kindergarten students joining us this year occurred on Thursday, September 6th at 6:30pm. We had a terrific turnout for our information session! The slideshow presented at the event is available here. Please pass it along to those families who were not able to attend.  Go Otters!


Title I: Annual Parent Notice

Click here to view the 2016-2017 “Principal Log” that addresses the purpose of Title 1 Federal Funding for Two Rivers – Dos Rios.

Right to Request Teacher Qualifications – English and Spanish

Parent – Student – Teacher Compact

Parent Involvement Policy

Title 1 Annual Verification English 18-19

Title 1 annual verification Spanish 18-19


Annual Notifications for Parents:

In order to more efficiently serve parents and patrons, Springfield Public Schools website has been updated to include information, in part, pertaining to annual parent/student notification such as Student Responsibilities & Rights Handbook, A Note to Parents About Directory Rights, Parent Notice Concerning Student Records, HIV/AIDS Curriculum Announcement, Teacher Qualifications, Parent Review of Materials.  To review the above information, please access the website at  Parents and patrons may also contact the school office for printed copies of any of the documents.

Media Notice and HP/OE Transfers (click to link).

This document provides critical information on the timeline and procedures necessary if you are requesting an in-district, or out-of-district transfer for your student to attend Two Rivers – Dos Rios, or attend another school in Springfield Public Schools (SPS), or outside the SPS school district.


Proof of Address requirement sheet.

ALL students must provide proof of address:

  • New students, students with a new address or students whose mail has been returned must provide appropriate proof of address prior to enrollment.
  • Returning students (same address, no returned mail) have until October 1st to provide appropriate proof of address.

Student Expectations / SPS Documents:

IIBGA_Electronic Communication Board Policy

IIBGA-AR_Springnet Guidelines for Use

Information Videos for Parents:



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