Volunteers Honored at Walterville School

While we honor all of our fabulous volunteers at Walterville School, we took a little time to give special respect to two of our volunteers, Sam Reed and Jan Hampton.

Sam was honored at the district board meeting on Monday for not only all the work she does with the PTO and in the classrooms, but also because she brings enrichment programs to our students right here in our community.  Thank you so much Sam for all you do!

Jan Hampton won A Champion in Education (ACE) award last night in the volunteer category.  This is what was said about him, “Jan Hampton inspires all students at Walterville School to reach their full potential….[He]is the epitome of all that we want and expect from our community. He is ever-present, always willing to lend a hand wherever it is need, non-judgmental, caring for all students, and an integral part of who we are at Walterville School.”

Thanks to each and every person in the Walterville Community that makes this school a wonderful place to teach and learn.

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