First and Second Grade Ebook Authors

Yes, you read correctly, our first and second grade students are authoring their own ebooks!  Mrs. Patterson, a first and second grade blend teacher, and I teamed up to help her students publish their animal reports.

A couple months ago our staff returned energized from IntegratED, a technology conference held in Portland Oregon.  Several of the workshops offered focused on the many uses of the iPad in classrooms and teachers returned ready to make use of the seven iPads we have available for student use.  When I spoke to Mrs. Patterson about using our set of seven iPads in her classroom she was interested but was not sure how to best utilize them with her students.

After a discussion about what she was currently teaching, we came up with a plan.  Her students were about to begin research on an animal of their choice.  Once they finished their research they were going to write a report.  I suggested they could create an ebook using an app on the iPad called Book Creator, by Red Jumper Studio.  I found the resource through Silvia Talisano’s blog.  It is one of the easiest, most user friendly book creation apps I have found.

Mrs. Patterson and I decided to arrange her students into four groups of seven, which would rotate through stations: animal art, partner reading, research, and writing on the iPads.  Students learned how to use the iPad with ease.  Once I showed them how to use the app and insert pictures, they took off.  Students now know how to write text, change the font size and color, select a page background color, insert an image, and even record their voice.  As the class nears the end of this project, everyone, including Mrs. Patterson and I, feel more confident about utilizing iPads in the classroom.

Students that meet the criteria for creating an ebook for the library, will have their ebooks catalogued as a part of our library’s ebook collection.  Have you created ebooks on iPads?  What apps have you found most useful?

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