Our first grade teacher, Katie Stocks, has headed up an amazing event that takes place one Friday every month.  We call it “Read-In”.  It is a thirty minute period where every student in our school is assigned to a group of three to four kids from across grade levels (i.e. a kinder, second grader, and a fifth grader with one adult).  Volunteers from the community are assigned to each group to encourage and facilitate reading.  It is a time for students to team up with others outside their grade levels, as well as with an adult who is there for the sole purpose of connecting with children.  All around the school students and adults huddle together on the floor, at tables, in nooks and crannies to share books.  It really is a magical thirty minutes that everyone in our school and community seems to enjoy.

By the way, you will not see Mrs. Stocks on any of these pictures, as she is busy walking around the school making sure everyone is connected and reading.  She is a superstar!


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