Walterville’s Inaugural Summer Reading Celebration

As the school year draws to a close, I have been researching different ideas for keeping kids engaged in reading throughout the summer.  While visiting the Bulldog Readers Blog, Mrs. Hembree shared a great summer reading contest idea she got from Mr. Schu at BrookForest Elementary in Naperville, Illinois and Mrs. Miller in Van Meter, Iowa.  I loved the idea and, with Mrs. Hembree’s permission, am starting Walterville’s first ever Summer Reading Celebration.  

Walterville will also be participating in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.  Students will bring home instructions along with their initial login information the last week of school.  With the help of an adult, they can login and get their account set up and earn points and awards for the minutes they read throughout the summer.  Let’s start reading Walterville!



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