Lovin’ it!

It’s difficult to believe the year is almost through and I have only posted twice. Ugh! How embarrassing! I will spare you the excuses and just take the plunge. Today, as I was coming up for air (I’m sure you can relate), I had a moment to look around my library in the midst of checkout time. Students were using our new self checkout station, while others were searching for books using the online catalog, taking Reading Counts tests, and still others were at tables and the reading rug quietly enjoying their latest checkout. The noise level was a soft hum as students quietly shared their books or gave each other ideas of great books to read. It seemed as though everyone was engaged and on task.

It was such a beautiful moment that I had to take a picture or two. It may seem a bit silly for me to take pictures of kids reading, that is what patrons of the library do, right?  I had to giggle as the pictures look a bit canned, almost too idyllic. But they are real. Students didn’t even notice I was taking their picture.

Though students at Walterville are generally sweet, kind, fun kids that enjoy reading,  there are a few classes that are rather large, that make it difficult for me to stop and enjoy all that is happening around me. Today, I had that opportunity and it made me thankful for the incredible job I have.

It is quite a pleasure to teach students to access information, manage it and share it in creative, unique ways. But there is nothing like helping kids connect with a book they enjoy so much that they can’t put it down. Love that! Love books! Love tech! Love my job!


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