eBooks are a great way to have access to books anytime and anywhere!  If you have a tablet device or a smart phone, you can download ebooks to your device and take your book with you wherever you go without the worry of losing a library book.  If you are interested, check out the slideshow below to find how to download the app you need and how to access ebooks.

When searching for ebooks, it is best to log in to Destiny on a computer and go to Follett Shelf to search for and check out books (Walterville students know how to do this).  Once ebooks have been checked out, open Follett Enlight and the ebooks should be there ready to be downloaded and read.  This app is still new and in the works, so it is not without its flaws.  Use it and if you get a moment give some feedback by writing a review to share how you think it could be improved.  Just a heads up that it can be a bit slow and clunky at times while other times it works beautifully.

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