Ereader Parent Letter

Below is an example of the parent letter we send home with students before they check out iPads.

Dear Parent or Guardian,

iPads are now available for third through fifth graders to check out and read ebooks.  The e-reader is a motivational tool that can assist your child with vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and hopefully, encourage them to read.  The e-books your child selects to read will be downloaded on the e-reader at school or when connected to Wifi.  Your child will then take the e-reader to and from school on a daily basis to read.  You are encouraged to read along with your child, discuss the book and assist him or her in using the dictionary and read aloud tools, if available.  Your child is required to read for twenty minutes a day when they are using the iPad.  If their homeroom teacher requires nightly reading, it can be done on the iPad.  Students are required to log their daily reading using their classroom reading log.


  • The iPad is a Wifi connected device.  An adult will need to supervise the children to ensure it’s safe use.  Because it has a web browser, you will need to monitor your child to ensure this feature is not used unless accessing ebooks.

  • The iPad is for your WES student only.  Other family members may be tempted to borrow it.  It is the family’s responsibility to ensure it gets used only by the WES student it was checked out to and solely for the purpose of reading.

  • iPads are inspected upon return to ensure they were used appropriately.  If there was any misuse of the iPad, the student will lose the privilege of using the device.

  • Please discuss a safe place for your child to keep this device to ensure that it will be out of reach of young children, food and water.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to bring the iPad to and from school on a daily basis, like any chapter book they are reading for school.  If a student is continuously forgetting their iPad, they will lost the privilege of using it.

  • Students are required to return the iPad on the due date.

Many students have benefitted from reading ebooks on iPads.  If you are interested in your child having access to this tool please review the attached contract with your child, sign it and return to Mrs. Page by Friday, September 20th.  Feel free to call or email if you have questions.

Thank you!