Spring Fundraiser Extended!

By popular demand we are extending our fundraiser by one week.  You still have the opportunity to to sell/purchase until February 23.  All packets are due back by February 23rd.


Please view our February/March Newsletter just added to our Website!

Choose the Newsletter heading in the top bar!  And click on the Feb/March newsletter.  We will also be mailing a copy to each household.  Happy reading!



Our lost and found has become a mountain!  We do not have any place to store all these items.  Please take a moment to check and see if any of the items belong to your student.  We will be bagging the items up and donating them on Friday, Feb. 13th.


 We have been busy updating the Yolanda Website.  We hope you have had a chance to check it out!  We just posted our December – January Newsletter.  To see it you need to click on “Newsletter ” on the top bar and it will bring up the title December Newsletter.  Just click on it and the newsletter will open up!



We strive to be prepared for any emergency that may occur during the school day.  In a effort to be practiced in our procedures we periodically hold drills such as fire, earthquake and our CODE RED & CODE BLUE drills.

A CODE BLUE would be called in the event of unsafe circumstances at a nearby location.  In a CODE BLUE the building is locked down with all doors locked and windows covered.  Students continue to move about the room as usual with supervised visits only to the restrooms located in their pods.

A CODE RED would be called in the event of unsafe circumstances on the school grounds.  In a CODE RED the building is locked down with all doors locked and windows covered.  Lights are turned off and students are moved away from the doorways or windows and huddled down low until the danger no longer exists.

We all hope that we never have to use these drills in a real life situation.  But should we ever need to, we strive to be prepared to insure that our students are safe and secure.  If you have any questions regarding these drills please feel free to call the school office at 541-744-6418


 Springfield Public Schools is committed to preparing all students for a bright and successful future! 

     Yolanda Elementary School is located in Springfield, Oregon. We are a K-5 public school with 425 students, an active PTO and a strong, dedicated staff. Our staff commitment: Every child a proficient reader, writer, thinker and mathematician.

Principal: Jeff Butler
Secretary: Karla Bigelow

School Hours

  • School begins each day for 1st -5th grade at 8:40 AM and is dismissed at 2:45 PM
  • School begins each day for AM Kindergarten at 8:40 AM and is dismissed at 11:15 AM.
  • Office Hours
  • On school days, the office opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 4:00 p.m.
  • On days when school is not in session but staff are present (e.g. in-service days, conference days, collaboration days, etc.), the office is open from 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • The office is closed all other days except by appointment.